August 28, 2018 Update – Is Donald Trump being set up? How to spot a conflict of interest

I have uploaded a podcast for August 28, 2018. Click here to go to the show archives page to download the podcast, or you can listen on the link below.

-How to spot if someone is not who he says he is.
-Why is getting loans on collateralized income-generating investments much more difficult than borrowing for personal consumption? Why is it easier getting a credit card, student loans, and car loans than getting a line of credit for rental properties?
-Guess the type of person who gets the $500mm and $1 billion loans for large real estate and business purchases regardless of success?
-An analysis of Joel Skousen and his potential for conflict of interest.
-I don’t have to go to to read up on Alex Jones. I can read the dozens of fresh MSM articles that promote him. Recall that negative press is good, because it piques the interest of a sizable minority of the population.
-Many people would have gone to jail or been sued into personal bankruptcy for many of the frauds and misrepresentations (e.g. Trump University, bankrupting his casinos) Trump has pulled off over his career.
-The most effective way for the “deep state” to keep AJs ideas from spreading is to not mention him at all. He should be a persona non grata in the MSM. But the opposite has occurred; AJs poison is spread far and wide. Another symptom of controlled opposition.