August 11th Update – Trading and investing recommendations. The real globalists are working with Trump.

I have uploaded a trading and investing podcast for August 11, 2018. Click here to go to the show archives page to get the links to the articles discussed and to listen, or you can listen on the link below.

–Assets discussed: Gold, platinum, oil, stocks, bonds, real estate, oil P&Es, cryptocurrencies, the US dollar.
-Discussion of Barron’s article, New Era for Markets is Here. And It’s Not Just Because of Trump
-Matthew 25; The collapse talkers are like the steward with the one talent who buries it.
-Trump is very useful to the globalists. The manufactured alt-right’s concept of who the globalists are is completely misguided as Trump has been molded to lead the world in the desired direction. He is helping the elites to consolidate their power and wealth.
-I do not see any collapses anywhere. Why have one? There is no need of one. Only the fear of collapse allows the agenda to move forward. Only the fear of another 9/11 allows the tyranny to grow.
-My somber real estate analysis should not preclude an investor with a long-term time horizon from getting involved.
-My goal is to have the listener become self-sufficient financially (like I already am). If the listener is polluted by collapse rhetoric he or she will be paralyzed by learned helplessness.
-The Chinese are not forcing a yuan devaluation. National security issues, inefficient monetary policy, and macroeconomics are taking care of that.
-The dollar is well supported here. The petrodollar concept is a myth. The US economy performing well compared to other advanced nations. Short-term rates need to rise in the US, unlike in other areas of the globe. With the US the world’s top energy producer, why would the dollar suffer?
-Just because someone is banned from the private social media platforms doesn’t mean free speech is under peril. You and I are free to say anything we want as long as we do not threaten anyone.
-My views are not popular, yet I make money – enough to survive and prosper without any help or benefit. If I were wrong I would be losing money. The advice from the alt-financial writers punches the one-way ticket to perpetual poverty. If they are wrong repeatedly, why pay attention to them? I know, it satisfies your confirmation bias.