Alex Jones only has himself to blame for getting banned and is no longer a revolutionary

(I provide a link to a YouTube video below that explains in detail the transformation of Alex Jones from 2008 to today.)

Alex Jones has only himself to blame

If you are a regular reader and listener of my posts, podcasts, and shows you already know my conclusions on how the patriot movement was undermined and destroyed from within.

Like other movements in the past (most recently the tea party movement), change agents were injected into the patriot movement by TPTB to erode and thwart the movement’s objectives. All the while the movement’s members become disillusioned and bewildered, never comprehending how they were done in by their own leaders. The FBI’s Operation Cointelpro may no longer be active, but the globalists still use its framework to bust apart growing grass-root campaigns.

Enter Alex Jones; master change agent and most likely a Freemason. The globalists gave him the platform, the notoriety, and talking points, so that he could misdirect and self-destruct; taking down the entire manufactured alt-right movement in the process.

I no longer listen to Alex Jones on a regular basis, but from what I do see in my daily research, the social media platforms were given no choice but to ban AJ. His attacks on politicians, public figures, and various groups became more pronounced and threatening. One of AJs YouTube rule violations involved claims of slander during his $6 million children’s custody battle.  He also threatens politicians if they oppose President Trump. If I were an official for YouTube or other platforms I would be concerned over legal liability.

AJ as the Joker from 2008’s, The Dark Knight. His slide has been gradual.

Here’s the bottom line; Alex Jones is no longer the personality he once was. Prior to about 2008, he was firm in his belief that there was little difference between the left and right and that both were controlled by the elite. He embraced tenants of the liberal agenda when it promoted the objectives of the patriot movement. Obviously, he has wandered away from his old philosophy. He acts like a compromised and well-paid shill for an agenda he cannot make public.

One goal of the globalists is to confuse anyone who attempts to discern the true enemy. Another goal is to get everyone glued to their computer screens, whether it be on social media or on AJs websites and services. This promotes learned helplessness and apathy. The globalists do not want us empowering ourselves. They do not want us becoming self-sovereign; debt-free, healthy, and independent of the system.  I submit that anyone who has followed Alex Jones for the past decade and has taken him at his word is still largely in the dark and ineffectual as a potential threat to the globalists. In fact, Mr. Jones currently poses no real threat to the globalists and has not for at least the past 5-6 years.

A YouTube video that analyzes the transformation of Alex Jones

With this said, I wanted to pass along a link to a YouTube video I came across yesterday from a German citizen, Alexander Benesch, who posted his analysis on the transformation of Alex Jones on his YouTube channel, RecentR. Mr. Benesch broadcasts primarily in German, but he is also fluent in English.

His video, titled Alex Jones got HIMSELF banned and is NO revolutionary, provides a provocative analysis on how Alex Jones has transformed over the past 10 years.

I understand that there are many seeking the truth who believe Alex Jones to be worth supporting, but I have an obligation to pass along what I uncover – regardless of how sobering it may be to the reader.

If we are to truly subvert and weaken the power of the NWO, we must strive to be self-starters, debt-free, independent thinkers, self-sovereign, healthy, and free of government dependence. I also recommend following the precepts of the Bible. People who are chasing their tails and listening to change agents for their news and views pose no threat to the architects of the new world order.