August 8th Financial Update – The New World Order; The necessary consolidation of wealth and power takes decades

I have uploaded a financial update podcast for August 8, 2018. Click here to go to the show archives page to get the links to the articles discussed and to listen, or you can listen on the link below.

  • The consolidation of wealth and power in the stock market has been immense and has taken decades;
    -In 1975, there were 8,000 publicly-traded companies. In 2015, there were less than 3,700.
    -In 2015-dollars, 61.5% of these companies in 1975 had assets below $100mm. In 2015, 22.6% had assets below $100mm.
    -In 2015, the 200 largest companies, by earnings profits, generated ALL the stock market earnings profits. All the other companies lost money in aggregate. Earnings and power have been consolidated into a tight group of companies.
  • This consolidation of power and wealth is a prerequisite to promulgating any new system. It makes any new system much easier to implement as you and I will have no say. Government power has been transferred to the national level.
  • Currency wars? The problems with the yuan have more to do with Macroeconomics 101 than a currency war. The manufactured tariffs situation will lead the nations into the direction of an appearance of a currency war without having to be proactive in causing it.
  • Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, the controlled mainstream shill that GATA, the gold bugs, and collapse-lovers embrace is out talking about the economic wars that China is proactively waging.
  • A listener of the podcast is predicting that bitcoin may have put in its all-time high last December. I do not disagree. The crypto shills all predicted that the bitcoin futures market was going to be a big booster to the crypto sector. We can see that bitcoin put in its all-time high almost to the day of the futures market opening. The only coin I guarantee has a future is bitcoin.
  • Fallacy of opposition – Alex Jones is fighting a manufactured confrontation against his stated enemies, who put him in his position in the first place. He has made the patriots look like buffoons and is throwing his followers under the bus. He has politicized basic constitutional rights, such as the first and second amendments. Bill Cooper was assassinated and AJ was installed in his place. Both talk down the Bible however, while claiming to be Jesus-men.
  • Jamie Dimon was out this past weekend talking down US Treasuries; he is predicting a 5%-yielding 10-year Treasury. We need to keep our powder dry for the next cycle and destruction in wealth.
  • Gold is a good inflation indicator IN THE LONG-TERM. Gold has gained 7.3% per year since 1968, but its ascent is managed to make it look like a speculative commodity.