August 1st Markets Update – It’s clear the globalists want real estate to fall. The Fed needs to raise rates, but can’t

I have uploaded a Markets update podcast for August 1, 2018. Click here to go to the show archives page to listen or you can listen on the link below.

-The full court press in the MSM to denigrate real estate is in high gear. Recall Yellen, Greenspan, and Bernanke earlier this year talking down commercial real estate.
-These trends take time. Don’t be impatient for immediate Schadenfreude.
-The globalists gain nothing by having a collapse right now; the central banks will get the blame.
-Manufactured nationalism will get the blame for any financial market problems, but we still have a few years left for that to simmer to a boil. That will make a great excuse for war, but the primary nations are not ready.
-We still have not seen currency wars; there has been a lot of hyperbole, but we are not yet there.
-Does there need to be a collapse to get the NWO fully in place? I think only the fear of a collapse will get us there. The globalists will remind us of a possible 2008 scenario and the the world will agree to whatever is proposed – even the mark.
-As long as investors are trying to unwind debt obligations the USD will remain supported. Buy it on dips.
-Corporations and governments are backing away from the hype of blockchain, as the reality sets in that it is still too primitive a technology.
-If the USD remains firm, gold will struggle. Own gold if you live in a nation with poor monetary policies. Own it as unencumbered net worth.
-As long as stocks like AAPL respond to good earnings stocks will remain elevated here.
-Stocks look good as there is no where else to go with money. As long as there are major central banks buying back sovereign debt the yield curve will remain flat.
-If things fall apart here the USFed can always crank up another program.