April 26th Show – Alex Jones once again gets ready to throw his followers under the bus; Is Manhattan real estate worth the entire Canadian GDP?

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-Logic fallacies being employed once again in the patriot movement; appeal to pity (emotion), misdirection, red herrings, fallacy of opposition.
-The globalists will never file a civil suit on those really analyzing the truth. Defamation suits are reserved to those who are controlled.
-The plaintiffs in Sandy Hook are opening themselves up to discovery and they know Alex Jones will never want to attempt to expose the truth in Sandy Hook. The globalists have turned AJ’s infowars.com into a $25 mil a year media empire. Selling one’s soul can be very lucrative.
-AJ pays $600k a year in child support. He needs to tow the line. His opponents know his weaknesses.
-AJ controlled opposition; do not address the real issues of Sandy Hook in the courtroom. Appeal to emotion and throw the patriot movement under the bus once again.
-He is getting ready to apologize about Sandy Hook the same way he apologized about Pizzagate. He will leave the patriots high and dry once again.
-An analysis of asset inflation; it is here to stay. It is a permanent phenomenon, which has decoupled itself from the underlying economy. It is a result of fiat money, socialism, and its debt generation. Do not look for the bottom to fall out in any lasting way. Only structural changes to the system and tax code can alter the picture.
-To the untrained eye the burning of the monetary system bridges looks insane, but if we anticipate a force majeure in the future then everything makes perfect sense. It’s all about country growth and wealth consolidation in as little amount of time as possible.
-Bitcoin commentary