April 19th Show; Logic fallacies that have destroyed the Patriot movement and are undermining any objectivity in the alt-financial media

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-Four logic fallacies that have turned the patriot movement and the alt-financial press into shadows of their former selves:

  • Fallacy of Opposition
  • Red Herring
  • Chewbacca Defense
  • Argument from Incredulity

-Just because someone is our enemy’s enemy doesn’t make him our ally
-Just because our enemy has taken a certain stance on a topic doesn’t mean we should take the opposite
-Only the change agents in the alt-media proclaim the liberals are the conservative’s enemies. Most liberals are our allies. The fights are manufactured and those on both sides are being destroyed by the same elites of the secret societies.
-The fallacy of opposition has ensured forever that the patriot movement will be nothing more than a reactive and partisan movement that will affect no lasting change.
-Through logic error the patriot movement has become nothing more than a release valve for the elites
-MSM Red herring arguments ensure that the conservative and patriot movements will be on the defensive forever. The change agents that have been approved by the secret societies and are the key players in the alt- and patriot-media will continue to receive the needed attention to consolidate the patriot agenda and complete its destruction.
-This agenda consolidation has ensured that the topics of importance to the patriots will never receive the light of day.
-Many who discuss conspiracy in the alt-financial media (e.g. Martin Armstrong and most gold shills) have decided that the conspiracy for world government is just too large to contemplate, so they have decided that it doesn’t exist.  They argue erroneously with the argument from incredulity.
-The transformation of the patriot movement has been one of the most sophisticated Delphi-technique experiments ever carried out. It has been successful
-Gold shills look to our enemy’s enemies (e.g. Venezuela, Iran, China, Russia) for help in dismantling our Federal Reserve System of debt slavery. Talk about a twisted version of the Stockholm Syndrome….