April 11th Show – The truth is good as long as it doesn’t rock the boat; whether it’s the left, right, democrats, republicans, or the patriots.

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-The concept of truth. What is truth? Truth is good as long as it maintains the hierarchy and control. Change agents use truth when it is expedient.
-The gold shills have been wrong for years, but don’t tell them they may have some misguided theories. They may lose business.
-An analysis of John 11. Despite seeing all the miracles the Jews didn’t want to know the truth. The priests and Pharisees rejected the truth in order to maintain their hegemony and status over the people.
-A mark of a controlled media; their opposition is wicked and evil. The patriot media is nothing but a controlled opposition where truth takes the backseat in order to maintain the hierarchy and control over the proles.
-Another sign of a controlled media is that they reinforce the confirmation bias of its listeners and followers. This assists the elites of the secret societies to fracture and fragment society so that there is never any serious opposition.
-Alex Jones custody battle legal fees amounted to about $6 mil. (sounds very Christian)
-Truth is only dispensed on a as-needed basis.
-Those of authority and influence can only be undermined with truth.  The Patriot media’s brand of truth is about as distorted as the MSM’s brand of truth.
-Trump supporters will be the most adversely impacted from Trump’s profligacy.
-The Republican Party is now owned by Donald Trump. The party’s key figures are jumping ship.