China loses if it unloads US treasuries; No antitrust against Amazon until shareholders lose money; Mnuchin’s buddies cash in

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-Forget the hard-line Chicom stance of selling its US treasuries; they only amount to $1.2 trillion and the US Fed can buy that back in open market operations.
-Chicom treasury unloading threats are more effective as threats. If they sell, it would only eliminate their leverage. There is nowhere for them to park their proceeds. The USD is about 63% of global currency reserves.
-Trump tweets becoming childish. Will they lose their effectiveness in moving the markets?
-I bet you Steve Mnuchin told his buddies to short the S&P futures before his economic trade war comments on Friday. 80% of all stock trading profits made on inside information.
-Trump anti-Amazon tweets welcomed by shareholders as they can buy on the dips
-10-year treasury shorts at historic highs. Yields continue to pull back
-Technical analysis on the S&P, Nasdaq 100, Dow futures
-Cash is still king. Please stay as liquid as possible
-No Amazon antitrust actions as long as AMZN shareholders continue to make money. If AMZN falls to 1,000 and below shareholders will begin to hate Bezos and will want his head on a platter.
-Catastrophic loss of assets leads to a much shorter lifespan. I hope my blog and show can help people make better financial decisions, so they can be effective in fighting our loss of liberties.
-If we are too worried trying to pay our bills every month there is not enough brain power left to contemplate the world.
-Gold commercial shorts cover tons and add to longs, but silver and platinum lag. Au/Pl ratio at historic highs.