March 29th Show; There is no privacy on Facebook or the World Wide Wiretap and hope does not lie with the Proles

I have uploaded a new show podcast for March 29, 2018. Click here to go to the show archives page to listen or you can listen on the link below.  I have included links to relevant articles and media on the Show Archives page.  The latest show is on the top of the page.

-We have to conclude that the NSA and other black-box agencies are collecting and storing all our internet and cell phone data
-This latest episode regarding Facebook data impropriety is just limited hangout; hiding the true scale of our data collection and making it into a political circus show.
-Elites use this data collection to continually profit with respect to trading and investing. Of course, we are on the other end.
-No privacy on the “World Wide Wiretap”
-Corporations and advertisers use our data to turn us into consumer debt slaves
-Most groups (e.g. Democrats, Republicans, patriots & alt-media) are controlled and programmed based on this vast reservoir of data in the hands of the elites of the secret societies.
-We enslave ourselves by freely providing our data and using the internet. There will be no turnaround.
-in 1984, 85% of the population were the proles. The proles could never rise up, because they never knew or cared to know. They were always led down the wrong paths anyway.
-If the proles became discontented, the inner and outer parties would insert change agents into the population to spread disinfo and false rumors; just like the controlled media outlets. The goal is create confusion and learned helplessness. has become too powerful a force in retail. The DOJ should initiate anti-trust actions to regulate the firm. But, that will never happen. It will remain an emotional and political argument; just bad news keeping stocks under pressure.
-Summary of the monetary system puppets and their cryptic messages. This may take a few years to unfold before the fleecing is complete. Even the patriot “experts” won’t even know what hit them.