; Another “poorly timed” bearish stock market story has amassed enormous control over the retail sector, which was allowed to go unchecked; until now

If you are a regular reader and listener of my blog and show then you understand that since late January the elite of the secret societies have employed their monetary system puppets to announce their intentions to move the world’s financial system in another direction. Of course, the results will be inauspicious to those who do not understand this cryptic symbology. Thus, we are to remain focused on the task at hand and not be diverted by the trivial.

Ever since late January, there have been several distinct signals given to the initiated that tough times would ahead to those who didn’t comprehend the warning signs. Thus, you and I are to expect many more bearish circumstances to arise that will keep the asset markets in a tail spin.

Case in point; I came across this article from CNBC today, Amazon loses more than $30 billion in value on report Trump wants to ‘go after’ company’s tax treatment. It talks about how Trump is “obsessed” with Amazon over tax treatment. To those stuck in the left/right/alt-news realm it is just another story designed to divert their attention and contribute to the confusion of red herring events.

The reality is this; it is clear that Amazon has become a too powerful force in the retail sector and something needs to done. Amazon has a number of revenue generators and selling retail for them is a loss leader. It has amassed huge amounts of personal data and is employing this to consolidate its power. It is clear that the Department of Justice should initiate some sort of anti-trust proceeding against the firm. If the DOJ does not take action Amazon’s power will be unstoppable. This doesn’t mean it needs to be broken up, but it should have some sort of tighter regulation or else it will continue to drive many retailers and industries out of business.

We should ask, why now?

With this said, we shouldn’t look at the story and unfolding scenario and point fingers at Trump or Bezos. Rather, we should ask ourselves why Trump decided to come out now at a very tenuous technical level in the US stock markets to start getting tough. I discussed over a year ago that something needs to be done with AMZNs power and the control it will possess as it continues to grow and mature. But, this peculiarly timed “problem” is being positioned in a political light.

Perhaps Trump is just following orders.

Let’s stay focused and come to terms that the news stories coming out into the future are not going to help the markets. Investors do remember the Yellen, Bernanke, and Greenspan interviews and the ostensible buffoonery of the Trump and Mnuchin tag-team.