This growing financial crisis may be “manufactured,” but it was announced in advance

A growing manufactured crisis that will be very real to you and me

Recall my late January and early February updates, which discussed the cryptic messages that the key monetary system puppets were proclaiming to the initiates of the secret societies. They were announcing that the world’s financial system was going to be led in a new direction.  I wouldn’t be quick to dismiss this conjecture; take a look at the stock markets and growing protectionism since late January. Let me summarize my research:

January 26th, January 28th, and January 30th Updates; US Treasury Secretary and Bonesman, Steve Mnuchin, stated in Davos that he welcomed a weaker US dollar. I took notice immediately when the story hit the wires, because this was completely inimical to the stability of the current monetary system. While we don’t need a strengthening dollar per se, we do need a dollar that remains firm; and Mnuchin knew this. Thus, his weak dollar rhetoric was completely juxtaposed into the current dialog and my conclusion was that it was a well-scripted clue to the initiates.

February 1st Show recorded on January 31st; I reported how Alan Greenspan was propped up within minutes of the US Fed meeting announcing to the world that the stock and bond markets were in historic bubbles. I proffered the question; why would Greenspan come out immediately after the Fed meeting to announce bubbles? I stated that it’s because he is a globalist front man and as a former Fed Chair his interview was carefully scripted. He repeated this in another interview on March 1st, immediately after US Fed Chair, Jerome Powell, concluded his congressional testimony.

February 3rd Update; I observed how the Dow dropped 666 points the day before (02/02/2018), and that this was not by chance. I also said that the March 2009 (3/6/2009) low in the S&P 500 was 666.

February 4th Update; Once again, to hit the point home to the initiated elite that the world’s financial markets were going to be led into another direction, outgoing Fed Chair, Janet Yellen, in a well-scripted interview, pointed to the extremely high valuations of asset prices. While she strangely singled out commercial real estate she also stated that stock prices were extremely high. During the interview she contemplated the concept of bubbles publicly.

Staying focused and not getting distracted with information overload

I warned my listeners and readers to stay focused and concentrate on what all these pronouncements meant. I told everyone who would listen back in the last week of January to get into as much cash as possible, because nothing was going to be safe in the wake of these cryptic pronouncements.  I have always articulated that as long as longer-dated US Treasury yields remained low the world’s asset markets would remain well-supported. Since the US dollar is the global reserve currency, US sovereign yields are the guide post. However, the US Fed has embarked on a peculiar monetary tightening campaign in which they have ostensibly disregarded their awe-inspiring loose monetary policies of the prior decade.

If you think these messages do not mean anything take a look at the stock and bond markets and the fast-growing trade wars

The point of my show and blog is to attempt to illustrate the conspiracy for the one-world financial dictatorship and how major decisions are announced to us beforehand. Thus, it is all manufactured, but very real. The high water mark for US stocks was around the day Steve Mnuchin began to trash talk the US dollar. It has been one slippery slope ever since and all the bearish news that has been purposely injected into the system is keeping the markets in a tail spin. These “problems” may fester for a while.

I have illustrated how last decade’s manufactured calamities were planned and announced in advance. The US Fed chose not to regulate the mortgage markets, even though it was within their scope of operations and functions.

The Fed could have clamped down on all that toxic mortgage underwriting, but instead Ben Bernanke and Alan Greenspan stated that they didn’t see it as a systemic problem. What I found strange back in 2005 was how both these puppets said that while the Fed didn’t cause any housing bubble they were going to continue raising rates until they “deflated” it. My analysis of last decade can be useful when looking at the current state of the housing market.

Trump’s oddly-timed tariff actions adding more fuel to the growing manufactured crisis fire

Another strange observation; the Commerce Department on February 16th stated that President Trump take action to restrict soaring metals imports. Of course, this report provided all the evidence needed for the puppet, President Trump, to begin enacting tariffs on a growing sundry list of imports. This has only exacerbated global trade and the toxic and bellicose dynamic is only beginning to be manifested. The globalists traditionally use tariffs as the reason for the growing tensions and economic dislocations that are a prelude to severe economic contractions or protracted military conflict.

I am not here to discuss the merits of whether I agree with Trump’s actions. I only illustrate the timeline to show how the world is being led into another direction. This path the world is being led down will soon become irreversible and will eventually culminate with a global conflict that will wipe the financial slate clean. It will end the current world order as we know it and a new world order will rise from the ashes.


The bottom line is that while we may dismiss such discussion as silly conspiracy talk it always seems to make sense in hindsight. It saved me a lot of grief last decade and has allowed me to observe the past couple months as a disinterested party; I sit with my liquidated portfolio and cash on the sidelines.

Economic calamities and wars do not appear out of no where. If you are a student of conspiracy you know that the secret societies run this world and our enemies are not external. They are not other nations or political parties. They are not the left or the right. As William Cooper said, our true enemies may be our friends, neighbors, or relatives. They are anyone who belongs to these secret societies or, as the Masons like to consider themselves, a society of secrets.