March 21st Show – Confusion abounds; learned helplessness promoted in the colleges, churches, and the patriot movement

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Learned helplessness promoted in the colleges
-Economics textbooks from the 1980’s looked down upon socialism for wealth redistribution. Fast forward to the past decade; college Economics textbooks teach government intervention and socialism as the answer to the shortcomings of capitalism.
-Ever wonder why many millennials prefer socialism? They were indoctrinated at a young age to reject what they see as our form of capitalism, which is really just mercantilism and commercialism.
-Socialism causes deficit spending to balloon, since these programs are inefficient ways to help enhance the public good – consumers are not responsible for the costs they incur.
-Low interest rates are needed to keep deficits manageable, which cause the prices of assets, such as stocks and houses, to rise; furthering the divide between the wealthy and working class. The working class demand more social programs, which ironically widen the gap. The costs are never quantified – how can one quantify busted out families and shattered dreams?
-The mindset in our colleges that our current economic system is fundamentally flawed creates despair and discourages many to excel and plan for the future, which just reinforces the learned helplessness. This accelerates the process in which socialism and total government control takes hold over every aspect of out lives.
-The change is subtle and occurs over a span of decades, so we do not know how it is happening.

Learned helplessness promoted in the churches
-Confusion abounds in the churches with most Christians debating the merits of postmillennialism, dispensational premillennialism, historical premillennialism, or amillennialism.
-Look at the confusion and consternation caused by the topic of the pre-trib, mid-trib, and post-trib rapture scenarios.
-None of these arguments existed 150 years ago. The secret societies infiltrated the churches and seminaries and sowed their confusion and division to baffle the masses.
-If I were Satan I would promote a pre-trib rapture to soften the resolve of the Christian church. Why work hard to keep Satan at bay when I can be raptured out of this mess? Maybe I can help to accelerate the process….
-Tens of millions of Christians in Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany and Europe during WWII, as well as in China during the great purge were butchered. Many thought they were going to be raptured out. Christianity has been gutted from within by the learned helplessness and confusion introduced from those looking to destroy the church.

Learned helplessness promoted in the Patriot Movement
-Those speaking the truth are never promoted in the mainstream media
-The controlled opposition are the ones continually referred to in the MSM.
-The patriot movement was traditionally non-partisan, but this has changed with the introduction of its Judas-goat puppet leader, President Trump, and his cadre of approved promoters.
-The movement has been externalized and partisanized. The primary objectives of its change agents are to make as much money as possible while confusing its followers. The resulting learned helplessness it fosters only impoverishes and disenfranchises the patriots.
-This process has galvanized the left and is working to politicize the 2nd Amendment.
-What better way to destroy a movement than to dismantle it from within?
-Ever wonder why the patriot and libertarian movements have developed a huge gay following? That’s because the patriot and libertarian agendas have been diluted to such an extent that they no longer resemble what they were 10-20 years ago.