Market Update – You know patriot media is compromised when it supports Larry Kudlow; Two potential large trades coming soon

I have uploaded a new market update podcast for March 17, 2018. Click here to go to the show archives page to listen or you can listen on the link below.  I have included links to relevant articles on the Show Archives page.  The latest show is on the top of the page.

-Larry Kudlow is no economist; he only has a bachelors degree in History. He was used by the Republican establishment in the ’80s-’90s to pump the trickle-down and supply-side theories of massive tax cuts and deficit spending. He was fired from Bear Stearns in the mid-90’s, because of a cocaine addiction.
-Roger Stone, Alex Jones, and Infowars are exclaiming that Kudlow was a wise choice. If I were hiring an economist to be my NEC director I would hope he had at least a bachelors degree in Economics.
-Gold is fading and looks ready to crack. Kudlow likes a strong dollar, hates gold, and loves tax cuts and coke. Perhaps gold is fading not only because of the upcoming Fed meeting, but because of Kudlow’s rhetoric.
-Silver, platinum, and GDX look terrible short term. Gold getting ready to follow? Go long after gold drops to 1,270s or below.
-Bitcoin getting ready to put in new lows. get ready to go long on the counter trend rally. Be patient and let the hodlers sell to you.
-The alt-coins are fading relentlessly. Bitcoin will follow. I think the alt-coins are done permanently. Bitcoin still has a future.
-Keep well-performing real estate holdings. Tax cuts will help support higher rent rolls. Well-capitalized investment properties with good cap rates and IRRs are a sure bet.
-The dollar should be well supported with ECB talk of unwinding QE program. The US is better handled to deal with higher rates. These massive tax cuts will help the stock market and the wealthiest individuals. Anyone who has assets that generate ample income will do much better than the average person (or burned-out patriot)
-With the US already the world’s top energy producer (oil and nat. gas) look for the dollar to stay well supported.
-My bandwidth has tripled over the past six months. It used to be 90% domestic and 10% foreigner. Now that many of the patriots here in the US are under mind control the shift is about 40-50% foreign user. The people outside the US are much more in tuned to the problems here in the US.
-I am ready for my two trade set-ups. The amount of after-tax profits from my last year’s crypto trade from July-December have allowed me to buy another rental for cash and pay down a commercial line.