February 22nd Update – A manufactured financial crisis of historic proportions has been announced

I have uploaded a market update podcast for February 22, 2018. Click here to go to the show archives page to listen or you can listen on the link below.  I have included links to relevant articles and media on the Show Archives page.  The latest show is on the top of the page.

-I pay careful attention to the key monetary policy puppets and drown out all the other noise. I only listen to the current and ex Fed Chairs and the current Treasury Secretary. There are only a few, so what they say is of paramount importance. They pronounced last decade’s manufactured calamity in advance and they just pronounced this decade’s upcoming catastrophe.
-The Fed is contemplating raising rates four times this year. Too much too late.
-Every major war has had economic hardship as a major catalyst. Fed policy caused the Great Depression and the resulting WW II. The next few years will provide the groundwork for the upcoming global conflict.
-A manufactured currency war in the making? Even though Steve Mnuchin’s weak dollar comments were scripted and subsequently retracted, the ECB is fuming over his comments.
-Oil and Gold are rising, but the rising cost of capital is hurting the XOP and GDX.
-If gold is to hit prime time, silver and platinum need to show more strength.
-Short-term rates caused last decade’s manufactured real estate crisis. Long-term rates will cause this decade’s manufactured real estate crisis. Higher deficit spending worldwide on social programs, coupled with restrictive monetary policy will hit the average person hard. There is no such thing as a free lunch.