February 3rd Update – Look for the clues to understand what our adversaries are planning

I have uploaded a new show podcast for February 3, 2018. Click here to go to the show archives page to listen or you can listen on the link below.  I have included links to relevant articles and media on the Show Archives page.  The latest show is on the top of the page.

-Look at the numerology in the markets to see the globalist calling cards. The March 2009 (3/6/2009) low in the S&P 500 was 666. Yesterday’s drop in the Dow Jones was 666 (665.75).
-Another clue… Yellen’s last action on the job was to severely penalize Wells Fargo. This problem had been brewing for over a year, but the USFed chose to act yesterday.
-Yesterday was Yellen’s last day on the job. Powell will be the Fed Chair during this manufactured crisis. Yesterday’s stock drop was not a coincidence.
-The USFed desperately needs to institute another round of QE. The globalists have to manufacture another crisis to get this objective met.
-The USFed is in charge of policing the banks in the banking system. It could have easily forced the banks and broker/dealers last decade to discontinue underwriting all those exotic mortgages, but it chose to do nothing. In fact, before last decade’s RE collapse, Bernanke and Greenspan both said that these loans were not severely impacting the RE market.
-30-year mortgage rates are now at 4.5%. This has already begun to unwind real estate. The data and numbers just haven’t shown it yet.
-Naomi Prins writes an article that has received a lot of traction in the alt-media. The problem is that she redirects the reader to focus on the stuffed shirts and the “men of Trump.” She says that Trump now owns the Fed. Obviously, the owners of the Fed own Trump.
-Trump will get the blame. Naomi Prins will look prescient, although she got it wrong. Notice that Prins appears on Russia Today (RT), the globalist-controlled Tokyo Rose of alt-media. She is the perfect useful dummy for the globalists.
-Oil and metals are rising, but the shares of the prospectors and miners are falling. Their cost of capital and input costs are rising as well.
-I still stand by my research behind bitcoin. If bitcoin never had its blow-off top and prices were currently at this level we would all be talking about bitcoin as the wave of the future. I still think it has a strong future.
-The people shorting bitcoin are most likely miners. It costs, on average, $6,000 to mine a bitcoin. If I were a miner of size I would short on price rises and arbitrage for risk-free profit.
-If I were a venture capitalist and had $100 million to invest in blockchain, I would not buy $100 million in crypto. I would start my own pump-and-dump altcoin.