January 26th Update – US Treasury Secretary and Skull & Bonesman, Steve Mnuchin, following script to blow up US dollar and US bonds

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-Skull & Bones member and US Treasury Secretary, Steve Mnuchin, “stuck” his foot in his mouth by saying he desired a weaker dollar. He tried to back track a day later, but only looked more foolish.
-We discussed this already; this is the last thing the US needs, as all the other major central banks are executing QE programs.
-The raising of short-term rates in the US has been dollar destructive. He knows this and is only helping to fan the flames.
-Mnuchin is following the well-planned script to set up the next financial catastrophe. Add him to the lengthening list of the cast of characters who will help cause the next financial crisis.
-I know this script can seem convoluted and complex, but the trends seem to be establishing themselves more and more everyday.