January 21st Market Update – What will the USFed do going forward? QE4 is needed, but how will it happen?

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-Armstrong is wrong in saying the Chinese and Japanese are manipulating the dollar to please Trump.
-The Chinese and Japanese are selling Treasuries, because they are afraid of further losses. The USFed is raising rates, which have ironically hurt the dollar, because these higher rates are hurting the longer-dated Treasuries. It’s a self-feeding loop.
-The USFed will have to institute some sort of new QE program. USTreasury net issuance is set to double this year and there is not enough global demand to soak up all the new sovereign debt.
-Higher mortgage rates are beginning to impact home purchases.
-Don’t look for rental rates to drop. They will continue to rise as government intervention only makes rents increase. Real estate investors benefit the most from any government program designed to help the working-class renter.
-The Obama regime worked to obtain federal backing for private equity landlord debt. Both sides of the aisle are working against the common folk.
-With asset prices as high as they are getting out of debt, including mortgages, is the best course of action.
-Has gold topped out or will it go higher? I see more of the same.
-If you think the CBOE Bitcoin futures created increased volatility just wait until the CME futures expire this week.