December 14th Show – The global think tanks have had their way; Ordo ab chao rules the day

Note: This podcast is an updated and edited version of the shortwave show

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-Nothing comes about by chance; Plato said that everything in society must come from the top. This includes bitcoin.
-Ordo ab chao. The timeline is well scripted (at least to me).
-All this chaos in the economy and monetary system is all planned in advance. The best we can do is profit. However, we need to learn the agenda, so that we can relay it to others willing to listen.
-Russell and the Frankfort School
-All the organs of government, working with the central banks and think tanks, are working to put the capstone on the all-seeing eye.
-The Department of Defense is working to submerge the US into the New World Order. Ironically, they are working to destroy our sovereignty. So, don’t join the military if you support the concept of the nation-state and despise global government.