November 18th podcast – Don’t count out the US; is the “Death Star” and Facebook was designed to be addictive

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November 18, 2017 Show – Right mouse click here to download

-Quick comments about gold and silver. I like what I see. Continue buying on dips.
-The US is the fourth largest country in land area, but number one with livable land.
-The US is by far the world’s largest oil and gas producer. This disparity with the rest of the world continues to grow. Disregard the FUD you hear about a collapsing petrodollar.
-The US used to be the beacon of hope to the rest of the world with its alt- and patriot-media. Since the US still has freedom of speech, the globalists have taken over and destroyed this media from within. All done by design. We know the names of the shill change agents.
-John Malone of Liberty Media; Amazon is the “death star.”
-Facebook was and is designed to be addictive. The social media site is a “social-validation feedback loop” and that the algorithm subconsciously exploits psychological vulnerabilities.
-When a Facebook user receives a like or a comment on a post, the user experiences a “little dopamine hit,” which encourages them to want to post again.