November 8th Show; The New World Order and the Changes Since 1971; Good Luck Turning This Around

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-How did Orwell know that the world would be divided into three semi-autonomous regions? He obviously knew that China would be much larger in the future.
-Kissinger’s secret visit to China in 1971 helped form the current state of Sino-American affairs, and was the first step of the New World Order’s next phase toward global government.
-China was promised massive economic growth and technology transfers if they worked with the banking families.
-In 1971, the banking families and globalists formally chose the United States dollar as the reserve currency.
-In 1971, the same internationalists formally chose China as the manufacturing base of the New World Order.
-In 1971, The Nixon regime shut the gold window to international payments; making the dollar totally fiat. This was a necessary prerequisite.
-By the mid to late 70s, the US began to offshore manufacturing and rely on imports more than any other time previously. China benefited more than any other nation.
-In order for the US dollar to become the world’s reserve currency, massive trade, budget, and capital deficits were needed. This would allow the US to supply the world with the necessary dollars.
-As dollar printing cranked up exponentially, deflationary forces were needed to keep inflation in check. America exported inflation and imported deflation. Deflation was America’s most vital import.
-We cannot turnaround a trend that has been in the making for almost 50 years.