October 29th Market update with some recommendations; Why was the Cloward-Piven strategy promoted? Was the Stanford Prison Experiment a failure?

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-Gold and Silver update with trading thoughts
-Oil looking bullish, but I trade a short of any upcoming rallies
-Dollar well supported here above 93. A test of 96-97?
-Hedge funds entering the cryptocurrency market en masse. Bitcoin volatility is lessening as we go on. Large money buying on any dips. The large money sees what I have been saying for months.
-I see a potential wash out of many alt-coins as bitcoin consolidates and grows its user base. Will there only be a small number left standing? I think so. The chart action says so. If the chart action of many of these altcoins were stocks I would say many are finished. There are hundreds of new scam altcoins entering the market place.
-Cloward-Piven strategy. Has it been successful? Why was it promoted so heavily?
-The Stanford Prison Experiment. Soon after its “failure” we saw the formation of SWAT teams nationwide. We were no longer citizens, we became civilians. Its results were employed in the formation of national goon squads with the wars on everything during the implementation of Bushonomics in the early 80’s.
-Tom Bearden wrote “Oblivion” and “Energy from the Vacuum.” Anthony Craddock was the producer of his videos.