October 26th Show; The numbers in the financial alt-media don’t add up. They never have and never will.

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-Corporations double-dip; they give us the diseases and provide us the “cures.”
-The US dollar continues to be well supported and the USD’s status as the reserve currency is still intact.
-The USD status has less to do with the US’s profligate ways and more to do with BRIC-nation inefficiencies. Their markets are too crude, corrupt, and centrally managed to topple the dollar.
-Just because we hate the US Fed does not mean we should be looking to other nations to unshackle us from it’s control.
-War is the only way out of the dollar hegemony, because the US will not cede its USD reserve status voluntarily. Nor can it.
-Has listening to the alt-media financial gurus and trend forecasters made you any money? Independent research is the key to success. They have been wrong about the dollar for over a decade and will be wrong about how it is done away with.
-Panic buying of gold was not covered in goldbug media.