October 7th Market Update; The Global Leveraged Buyout Continues as Investors Become More Optimistic

I have uploaded a new market update for October 7, 2017. Click here to go to the show archives page to listen or you can listen on the link below. On the show archives page I have also included the articles and media discussed on the show. The latest show is on the top of the page.

-As crazy as it may seem, investors and manufacturers are the most bullish in years. Manufacturers are the most optimistic in 20 years.
-Gold Update with predictions. Gold dealers I work with are trading cryptocurrencies.
-Stocks rise with the central banks on the bid. It will continue
-Many in the alt-media can’t wait for markets to collapse. Good luck on that.
-Oil Update with predictions and analysis
-Don’t be caught up in the petrodollar trash talk
-Too many people are bearish on real estate. However billions of dollars every month pour in to the market from private equity and foreigners. The goal is to make us debt slaves. It is working.
-Most in the alt-media do not like to hear my economic and financial market analysis. It is at odds with the controlled alt-media parrots. They only like to talk about $10,000 gold and economic collapse. Their followers continue to get poorer. When the economy turns down again they will lose as well.
-Don’t talk to me about your opinions. My findings are based on observations and 33 years of economic study. I worked in economic research on Wall Street. I don’t make my decisions based on other people’s commentary. It’s mostly garbage. I only talk about topics I understand.