October 29th Market update with some recommendations; Why was the Cloward-Piven strategy promoted? Was the Stanford Prison Experiment a failure?

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-Gold and Silver update with trading thoughts
-Oil looking bullish, but I trade a short of any upcoming rallies
-Dollar well supported here above 93. A test of 96-97?
-Hedge funds entering the cryptocurrency market en masse. Bitcoin volatility is lessening as we go on. Large money buying on any dips. The large money sees what I have been saying for months.
-I see a potential wash out of many alt-coins as bitcoin consolidates and grows its user base. Will there only be a small number left standing? I think so. The chart action says so. If the chart action of many of these altcoins were stocks I would say many are finished. There are hundreds of new scam altcoins entering the market place.
-Cloward-Piven strategy. Has it been successful? Why was it promoted so heavily?
-The Stanford Prison Experiment. Soon after its “failure” we saw the formation of SWAT teams nationwide. We were no longer citizens, we became civilians. Its results were employed in the formation of national goon squads with the wars on everything during the implementation of Bushonomics in the early 80’s.
-Tom Bearden wrote “Oblivion” and “Energy from the Vacuum.” Anthony Craddock was the producer of his videos.


October 26th Show; The numbers in the financial alt-media don’t add up. They never have and never will.

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-Corporations double-dip; they give us the diseases and provide us the “cures.”
-The US dollar continues to be well supported and the USD’s status as the reserve currency is still intact.
-The USD status has less to do with the US’s profligate ways and more to do with BRIC-nation inefficiencies. Their markets are too crude, corrupt, and centrally managed to topple the dollar.
-Just because we hate the US Fed does not mean we should be looking to other nations to unshackle us from it’s control.
-War is the only way out of the dollar hegemony, because the US will not cede its USD reserve status voluntarily. Nor can it.
-Has listening to the alt-media financial gurus and trend forecasters made you any money? Independent research is the key to success. They have been wrong about the dollar for over a decade and will be wrong about how it is done away with.
-Panic buying of gold was not covered in goldbug media.

October 22nd Market Update – Market Analysis and Recommendations; China’s asset markets are a one-legged stool….

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-Gold and oil analysis and some recommendations
-Dollar well supported here could test some resistance
-Chinese real estate sector; huge official intervention keeping real estate prices and sales elevated.
-US – real estate is 28% of household net worth; China – 75% of household net worth. Although asset prices are inflated, the US has a diverse asset base
-Millennial banking families chose ChiCom gov’t over Chiang Kai-shek. In return they would set up a private central bank and move away from gold. The path is not reversible.
-Anyone following the alt-media financial/economics gurus have been on the losing end. Done by design.
-I do not follow any economist or financial analyst per se, but will take an interest in anyone who has a long-term track record of success. I do my own research and make my own conclusions.
-Economic theory and economists going back to Adam Smith were and are developed and promoted by the banking families. Adam Smith’s theory helped to undo national sovereignty.


October 18th Show – Some important thoughts about gold, bitcoin, the yuan, US dollar; and the disinfo shills that mislead the people into further poverty

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Ask yourself; If there are collapse talkers and dollar bashers that get promoted on the mainstream and alt-media, who have been wrong for over a decade, why do the alt-media followers continue to listen? I know why. Final shortwave show.

Listen to the entire podcast. Perhaps you can learn something.

October 15 Post – The Gold-Backed-Oil-Yuan Futures Contract Myth

The Gold Antitrust Action Committee (GATA) forwarded this research article via their daily dispatches. It was written by Koos Jansen, and explains all the incorrect analysis on the Nikkei Asian Review’s article titled, China sees new world order with oil benchmark backed by gold.

I discussed this with you a couple weeks ago, and while I received a couple emails criticizing my analysis, I stand by every word I said.

“The Nikkei headline clearly reads “China sees new world order with oil benchmark backed by gold”. In this context, the word “backed” for most readers will refer to a fixed parity. In the past, for example, there was a fixed parity between gold and the US dollar; this meant the dollar was backed by gold through the US Treasury; dollars could be redeemed for gold at a fixed price and vice versa. In case of the Nikkei story it would imply a fixed parity between yuan, or oil (this is not clear), and gold. But how would China back anything with gold? Would China’s central bank (the PBOC) defend a fixed price of gold in yuan? And it would do so through an oil futures contract? Impossible.”

“Foreign enterprises, like oil producers, cannot hedge gold on the Shanghai Futures Exchange. The Shanghai Futures Exchange is not open for international customers. There is only a spot-deferred product listed on the Shanghai Gold Exchange, which is comparable to a futures contract, through which foreign enterprises can hedge gold in yuan. But why would oil producers buy gold and subsequently hedge the metal in yuan? Their end position would be merely exposure to the price of yuan. Why then not buy a yuan-denominated bond with an interest rate? Or hold gold without the hedge?”

“Quickly ‘the story’ by Nikkei transformed through the blogosphere where analysts suggested the gold in SGE vaults would back the yuan. The problem with this theory is that gold in SGE vaults, (i) isn’t owned by the Chinese government, and (ii) isn’t allowed to be exported from the Chinese domestic market (not very convenient for foreign oil producers). Then analysts suggested the gold in vaults of the Shanghai International Gold Exchange (SGEI) would do the job. But SGEI gold, (i) isn’t owned by the Chinese government either, and (ii) can only have been sourced in the international gold market, payed for with US dollars. So much for the oil-gold trade circumventing US dollars as presented by Nikkei.”

The Gold-Backed-Oil-Yuan Futures Contract Myth

It’s refreshing to see some real common-sense analysis with China and their supposed support of gold. Of course, other than with GATA there will be no corrections to the disinformation on the typical goldbug sites. The damage was done and many in the anti-dollar crowd are now more convinced than ever that China is converting the yuan to gold-backing.

This is why I say we need to be very careful from where we get our information sources. We cannot be given in to our confirmation biases. As tempting as it is to look at the US Fed and US dollar hegemony with scorn, other than war there is no way to get rid of the US dollar as the reserve currency. China doesn’t want this to change either as it is using their dollars to buy up valuable resources. There is still time left until war; China needs to spend all its dollars before the bombs start dropping.


October 14th Market Update – Some of the best trading opportunities since the late 90’s

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  • Gold Update
  • Cryptocurrency trading and some thoughts about how to trade going forward as the upcoming potential bitcoin hardfork comes closer.
  • I am bullish on bitcoin; not because of what the libertarians and sound money people are saying. I am bullish, because it is an officially sponsored asset, developed and promoted by dark intelligence. Bitcoin is the prototype NWO currency.
  • The NWO shills are bashing Bitcoin and provide the Hegelian, false opposition needed to propel it higher. The best option to those who really oppose it is not to say anything and not discuss it in the press.
  • Look at the sound money advocates fleeing gold and moving into bitcoin and the alt-coins.
  • Bonds are well supported as economic data shows inflation is muted. Short term rates may not move up as much as some think.
  • I have not seen a better time to trade small cap stocks since the late 90’s
  • Some ideas on where to concentrate with stock trading
  • Beware of the perma-bears in asset markets. These real estate bears have been bearish since last decade and all throughout the market bottom.

October 11th Show – The Attention Economy; Social Media, Internet, and Smartphones Distract Humanity Into Perpetual Poverty

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  • Ever wonder why the asset market boom/bust cycles are increasing in frequency and amplitude?
  • The companies that make up the Attention Economy are intentionally creating a “smartphone dystopia.”
  • Twitter, Facebook, Google, Snapchat, etc. have created algorithms that addict us to their media.
  • The gatekeepers of this Attention Economy have distracted us into submission. They have effectively lowered our IQs and cognitive capacity, and diminished our ability of independent and analytical thought.
  • Can democracy survive the concentration of wealth and power that the Attention Economy engenders?
  • Most patriots and alt-media junkies are part of the hive-mind. They have lost their ability of analytical, independent thought. That’s why they make poor financial and investment decisions.
  • Don’t blame the US Fed and the private banking families for making us poorer. We are to blame as they only do what they can get away with. Obviously, humanity lets them get away with a wholesale rape of society. We are too distracted and cognitively compromised to respond. Most people are too busy and distracted to even contemplate why they are in debt. We are too busy reading emails, texting, Facebooking, and tweeting.
  • Ask State Farm if multitasking is a good thing.
  • Now that we are addicted to the Attention Economy, with their drug-dealing CEOs and gatekeepers, the march to perpetual poverty can accelerate.

October 7th Market Update; The Global Leveraged Buyout Continues as Investors Become More Optimistic

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-As crazy as it may seem, investors and manufacturers are the most bullish in years. Manufacturers are the most optimistic in 20 years.
-Gold Update with predictions. Gold dealers I work with are trading cryptocurrencies.
-Stocks rise with the central banks on the bid. It will continue
-Many in the alt-media can’t wait for markets to collapse. Good luck on that.
-Oil Update with predictions and analysis
-Don’t be caught up in the petrodollar trash talk
-Too many people are bearish on real estate. However billions of dollars every month pour in to the market from private equity and foreigners. The goal is to make us debt slaves. It is working.
-Most in the alt-media do not like to hear my economic and financial market analysis. It is at odds with the controlled alt-media parrots. They only like to talk about $10,000 gold and economic collapse. Their followers continue to get poorer. When the economy turns down again they will lose as well.
-Don’t talk to me about your opinions. My findings are based on observations and 33 years of economic study. I worked in economic research on Wall Street. I don’t make my decisions based on other people’s commentary. It’s mostly garbage. I only talk about topics I understand.

October 4th Show; China Prepares – Why War is the Only Solution to Getting Rid of Their Dollar Problem

I have uploaded a new show podcast for October 4, 2017. Click here to go to the show archives page to listen or you can listen on the link below. On the show archives page I have also included the articles and media discussed on the show. The latest show is on the top of the page.

Topics Discussed-
-Military defeat/costs of war are the only ways for a currency to lose its reserve status
-The latest yuan-to-gold hedge for oil producers is not practical and does not work. The ChiCom government and their opaque policies are to blame. This latest scheme does not imply any gold backing to the yuan.
-China probably could possess up to 20,000 tons of gold, but that does not imply any gold backing to the yuan. The ChiCom government will pull out their gold holdings when the new one-world currency is discussed post-war.
-The Globalists are purposely torching the current monetary system to consolidate their control over the global economy. They know war is coming.
-Disinfo articles by the gold promoters/dollar haters explained
-The yuan is an officially managed currency that only works in domestic markets. Their economic data are suspect. China’s financial market decisions are often arbitrary and not straightforward. Just look at their decision to close down bitcoin exchanges.
-The yuan is illiquid, especially on international markets. There is not way for producers to properly hedge currency risk. Producers do not want gold for payment. ChiCom knows this.
-Triffin Paradox explained and why the US dollar can not be replaced under current circumstances
-Why the euro is a poorly constructed currency
-In the wake of the upcoming planned defeat of the US, the dollar bashers will wish the dollar was still the reserve currency as ChiCom will brutally repress dissension. Their gold will not be worth what they are claiming – that’s if they will be allowed to own it.


October 1st Post – China Knows War is Coming

I have had a few emails asking me if I thought China was going to implement some sort of gold backing to the yuan.

Here is my answer. If you understand my logic you will see that there is absolutely no way that the Chinese can promulgate any form of gold backing to their currency. Moreover, anyone discussing this is seriously misguided or spreading disinformation to those receptive to the anti-dollar rhetoric.

If you listen to my podcasts you know I am predicting that some sort of force majeure will drastically transform the world in a way that will forever alter our lives here on earth. Without exception, war has always been used to accomplish this task.

Now that virtually all the major economies are in sync, only a catastrophic war will completely rewrite the slate and upend the notion of the nation-state as we know it. I don’t have to refer to bible prophecy to conclude with perfect certainty that this future lies ahead.  All I need to do is look at the behavior of the governments around the world to get my answer. These globalists may be pure evil as we define it, but they are not stupid and crazy. Thus, once we accept that war is coming then everything the nations are doing makes perfect sense.

The globalists who control the governments know war is coming and are planning for it. This is why the financial system is being abused the way it is. It is by design. There is no going back and the globalists are going to exhaust this current monetary system to prepare and grow their nations as much as possible before this war comes.
-Chris Pirnak

With respect to gold backing of a currency, any type of asset-backing to a currency is immediately deflationary or inflationary to the extent that the supply of this asset can grow. Now that virtually all economies around the world have established fiat currencies there is no way that this process can be reversed under normal circumstances.

Socialist economies with their government programs and deficit spending can only exist under a fiat currency regime. To placate its masses China has greatly expanded its benefit programs as much as any other socialist nation.

Once a currency is transformed into fiat there is no going back as a gold backing would immediately crash the economy. Why? The outstanding debt accumulated under the fiat regime’s existence would immediately submerge the economy under a sea of unserviceable red ink. Basically, there would not be enough money growth to keep up with debt service and the economy would be completely consumed under its debt obligation.

So, can China transform the yuan into gold backing? Does it even want to? I think these answers are now obvious.

Here is an excerpt from an Investors Business Daily (IBD) article from last month that illustrates my point:

“The real risk that China poses to the U.S. and global economies is that its rapid economic growth since the 2008-2009 global economic recession has been powered by a credit bubble of epic proportions,” wrote Desmond Lachman, an American Enterprise Institute fellow who previously served as a deputy director of the IMF, earlier this year.

What does “epic” mean? By one account, China has expanded credit by nearly 100% of the nation’s GDP since the end of the credit crisis. Since 2007, China has added $24 trillion in debt at all levels, which is more than the U.S. government’s total debt of just under $20 trillion.

It’s fueled an investment boom and excess capacity. The Washington Post in 2015 reported that China used more cement in just two years — 2011 to 2013 — than the U.S. used in all of the 20th century. Let that sink in for a moment. Meanwhile, China now produces five times as much steel as all of Europe each month.

But where are the customers? China built cities without people, malls without customers, and roads without cars, in anticipation that all of those would soon be filled. But many remain empty. China’s population is aging fast, and its growth is grinding to a halt. Still, many of China’s heavily-indebted businesses continue to borrow from government lenders, who have no incentive to stop the game.

The IMF, in a report last month, warned: “International experience suggests that China’s credit growth is on a dangerous trajectory, with increasing risks of a disruptive adjustment.”

IBD – Is China’s Debt Bubble About To Burst?

Now, if we consider that China plans on striking the west, specifically the US, then this wild debt bubble makes sense. The Chinese know that these debts will be wiped away and a new monetary system will emerge in the wake of this upcoming war. This debt generation will juice the economy over the next decade, so that China will be much larger when war comes.

Essentially, the major powers are hoping to build their countries as quickly as possible, while keeping their citizens asleep. It is working as the fiat monetary system provides all the benefits needed to keep the populace pacified until that fateful date comes.

Sorry, gold bugs. There will be no gold backing to the yuan. So, the next time you read disinformation articles like these;

China’s New Gold-Backed Oil Benchmark to Deal Blow to U.S. Dollar

How China Just ‘Reset’ the Global Monetary System With Gold

stop to think who is writing them.

Martin Armstrong is praising the Chinese government and thinks they are beyond reproach, but he would laugh in your face if you mentioned to him that they are our future enemy. He spreads the globalist agenda of defacing the United States to the benefit of our adversaries. In some way he is just like Tokyo Rose. So are outfits like Newsmax, whose job is to spiritually euthanize its readers with FUD. It works well.

Imagine if Mr. Armstring lived in China and criticized their government. He would end up in prison, never to be heard from again.