August 30th Show – An Analysis of an Alex Jones Interview and the Mind Control Techniques He Employs on His Followers

I have uploaded a new show podcast for August 30, 2017. Click here to go to the show archives page to listen. I have also included the articles and media discussed on the show. The latest show is on the top of the page.

For your convenience I have also included a link to the show here.

Articles and media discussed –
-Germany, in a First, Shuts Down Left-Wing Extremist Website
-What Is ‘Antifa’? Meet the Fascist-Fighting Coalition Dubbed the ‘Alt-Left’ by President
-Alex Jones (FULL SHOW Commercial Free) Monday 8/28/17: Trump Harvey News, Joel Skousen
-How a public-access broadcaster from Austin, Texas, became a major -conspiracy theorist and one of Trump’s most vocal supporters
-10 Ways to Protect Yourself From NLP Mind Control
-Cathartic Release; Social Catharsis
-Learned Helplessness
-Examples of hypnotic cues and mnemonic circles on TV
-This Week in the World Affairs Brief