August 2, 2017 Show – The Globalists Use the Government as their Customer Service Window

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-Analysis of Alan Watt’s latest podcast (7/30)
-Government interference of the market; whenever the government attempts to regulate an industry it inhibits the supply and demand curve.
-Government “benefits” get arbitraged into the system and results in tighter supply and higher prices. The government assault on healthcare goes back to 1965
-American Christianity sounds more and more like Buddhism. Many now believe Jesus was trained by Hindus and Buddhists.
-The globalists prefer the pre-trib rapture. It keeps Christians soft.
-What do health care, higher education, and housing have in common?
-The globalist agenda is a long-term plan to enslave humanity. It is going according to plan. It goes back a long way.
-Ever wonder why all unintended consequences of government policy goes against us? Perhaps they weren’t mistakes.
-We need to make the best of this life as there will be no escape from the debt prison.