I Added Two Podcasts Last Night; The Show is the Second One… Some more thoughts

Wednesday’s Show –
Just some thoughts on yesterday’s podcasts; I prefer Donald Trump’s platform to anyone else’s. However, with that said, the Don seems to be doing his best to make certain that little of it gets enacted. It really seems to be a tag-team match. I cannot imagine that he is doing this inadvertently.

His adversaries are going to continue their barrage of accusations. It will never end so, we need to get used to it. They are going to continue this until he slips up and does a “Richard Nixon.” Recall, Nixon wasn’t part of Watergate, but his subsequent knowledge of it and cover-up is what did him in.

The globalists’ goal is to make our election process into a farce, so that they can undermine all our institutions. This cycle has taken the agenda to new heights. Trump is not helping himself, and while the whole Russia thing is groundless, try telling that to his enemies.

Look at this article from CNN. I would never listen to the likes of Anderson Cooper. His personal life and CIA connections preclude me from ever trusting him as a news source.

So, we need to beware of the confirmation bias and backfire effect that this whole dynamic generates. Here is an article from Zerohedge that illustrates this. Be detached from this, as feeling a part of it will only divert you from what is really important – our personal and financial lives.

Market Update-
I put out a market update in light of all the central bank flip-flopping between the dovish and hawkish rhetoric. It is a show as the central banks need to continue this asset purchase program for their owners. They need to obfuscate the public while they do it.

The bottom line is that they need to keep long yields low. Ask yourself; how can the ECB taper with the poorer credits of Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain on defacto life support? They have been kept in business with ECB bond buying. Greece’s intermediate yields are below 5%. Only the ECB can keep that going.

At the end of the day, the show must go on. Trump/democrats tag-team and the central bank asset buying programmes must continue. It’s all part of the plan.