June 4th Podcast – Trump Sideshow Means Nothing, Asset Buying Spree to Continue

I have uploaded a new financial market update for June 4, 2017. Click here to go to the show archives page to listen. The latest show is on the top of the page.

Topics –
-The weak jobs report is a symptom of something much worse than what is being reported.
-The central bank asset buying spree can continue as US bond yields fall to their lowest levels since election night.
-Mortgage rates fall to lowest level of year.
-By definition, when there are too many people screaming bubble there will be no collapse.
-Vancouver’s real estate just made a new all-time high, despite the city’s best efforts to keep prices from running away.
-Low yields cause prices to stay low as over-capacity rules the day.
-The central banks are going to keep rates low, so they can buy up the world before WW III.

Links to articles –

-US Treasury yields fall on weak jobs report
-“This Insanity Is The Surest Sign The Stock Market Bubble Is Ready To Pop”
-The Biggest Real Estate Bubble Of All Time Just Did The Impossible
-Labor force participation falls
-As 10-Year Treasury Yield Drops, So Too Do Mortgage Rates


More Evidence Home Ownership Is Dwindling – Globalists Want to Abolish Property Ownership

The middle class is being systematically gutted from the ranks of private property ownership. As I discussed yesterday, this is being done by design. They are not being forced out of their homes. Rather, they are being stripped economically of the opportunity to own anything of substance. As time goes on, look for more affluent people to fall into the same fate.

I come across these articles all day long. They provide a gauge as to how successful the globalists are in abolishing property ownership.

Here is a research article from a well-respected industry publication, Inman News. 

Minority middle-class families are being priced out of homeownership: Redfin study

Here is a Redfin study:

Priced Out: The Housing Affordability Gap in America’s Largest Metros

“Redfin wrote in the study that home prices across the metro areas studied increased by 26 percent between 2012 and 2016, but “the median household income edged up just 1.6 percent nationally” in that same time period. So any family earning the area median income could afford 44 percent of homes for sale in 2012, but by 2016, that’s dwindled to 32 percent — a 12 percentage point drop.”

  • Open Borders Policy – Nobody else is saying this, but the open-borders policy is destroying the middle class. These foreigners are driving rents and working-class house prices through the roof.

  • Automation and robots create a caste of permanently unemployable people – As I discussed yesterday, Texe Marrs noted that automation and robots have created a class of permanently unemployable people. This strata of society is only going to grow with explosive growth over the next 10 years. These people increasingly look for diversions and consumption of drugs and government benefits.

Like I said on this week’s show, within two more generations the concept of home and car ownership will be an anachronism, a thing of the past. If prices fall again like 2008, it will be a result of economic disaster, and the affordability will be even lower. In other words, this should be a good time to buy a home, but it is not turning out that way.

Notice all the ideas the research recommends. But, as we talked about in the past every program, tax deduction, and subsidy that gets promulgated to promote home ownership gets arbitraged into the system and only adds fuel to the fire of home prices.

I am sure you see all the articles and “research” about the hottest job and best housing markets for buyers. Look at all the articles about getting the readers to chase their tails to follow the hottest industries with the most job growth. These sectors change every year. The globalists just want people confused and chasing their tails in a never-ending loop of insanity and debt-servitude.

I really feel badly for the average person who cannot seem to get it. If we know our adversary we can prosper and overcome.