Disruptive Competition – The vast majority of today’s leading companies will likely be toast—in a decade or less

Think of the permanent job losses…

Grocery and retail-
Here is an article from MarketWatch discussing how disruptive competition comes out of nowhere.  It uses the proposed AMZN/WFM merger as an example of an out-of-the-blue event that will most likely transform grocery shopping and the grocery industry forever.  Here is an article that discusses how the German firm Lidl is embarking on a huge US expansion that may put many traditional grocery store chains out of business.

These new entrants to the grocery industry are using technology, automation, and streamlined processes that will eventually put millions out of work.

Sure, most will adjust and find new jobs, but the technology driving the process is paradigm shifting. I came across more articles that illustrate the drastic changes that have taken place in a number of professions. While investors have made money betting on the winning horse, most are coming out on the losing end.

Taxi Medallion owners and cab drivers-
Here is an article from the New York Post describing the damage that ride sharing has brought upon taxi owners and their drivers. In NYC, a taxi medallion, which cost as much as $1.3 million as recently as 2013, now sells for less than $250,000. Most Medallion owners have been wiped out. Though NYC medallions are the most expensive in the nation, this story is being repeated in every jurisdiction that charges fees and requires licensing to drive a cab.

Hotels and accommodations –
Many of my friends use Airbnb when travelling. They tell me how they can get the type of accommodations that they seek. I wonder what will happen to all of the vast newly-built hotel capacity of the past decade. I think of the jobs that will be lost from within the lodging sector.

Real Estate Agency-
Here is an article titled, The Housing Market Is Ripe for Tech Disruption. The process of buying and selling a home in the U.S. is needlessly inefficient. That will inevitably change. As a Realtor/real estate investor I manage numerous properties for my own portfolio. When I list my properties for rent I skip MLS completely and list it exclusively on Zillow. I get tenants faster and I skip having to fork over commission to my broker and the tenant’s broker. I get the tenant I want. 

We have been discussing that many people are not going to be able to adjust quickly enough. Automation and technology are not only transforming industries, but the shift has been so rapid that many workers can no longer keep up. As soon as they acquire new skills they become obsolete in a short time.  Many just stop trying to keep up and drop out of the work force.

When it comes to all this automation and permanent loss of jobs I can’t help but think of that Texe Marrs interview I covered on my May 31st podcast. Click here to listen to Texe Marrs’s interview with Jeff Rense.


June 18th Blog Post – Nobody Seems To Know Who Developed Bitcoin

Here is a link to Satoshi Nakamoto from Wikipedia. Most Bitcoin observers credit him with the founding and formulation of the Bitcoin concept.

After reading the Wikipedia research, tell me if this man even exists. Ask yourself, how can a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin be worth over 40 billion USD in less than a decade? There is no way that these currencies can grow to be worth nearly 100 billion USD without the support of the establishment.

My contention all along is that Bitcoin and the officially-sanctioned cryptocurrency, Ethereum, were developed by dark global intelligence groups as experimental versions of the upcoming one world currency.

I have stated previously that these virtual currencies just happen to be wonderful tools for the globalists with their continual war on gold. There seems to be too many coincidences. Why are tax authorities and governments leaving them alone? Too many questions to just chalk this all up to chance.

Now even Mises.org is getting in on the action. Here is an article from Mises, discussing how the central banks are driving many to cryptocurrencies. But why would sound money outfits like Mises discuss these virtual currencies in the same vein as gold?

There is plenty of research pointing to the formation of the Mises Institute with the generous financial support of the Rockefellers and related private money.

The Life and Works of Ludwig von Mises– Independent.org

“Many readers may be surprised to learn the extent to which the Graduate Institute and then Mises himself in the years immediately after he came to United States were kept afloat financially through generous grants from the Rockefeller Foundation. In fact, for the first years of Mises’s life in the United States, before his appointment as a visiting professor in the Graduate School of Business Administration at New York University (NYU) in 1945, he was almost totally dependent on annual research grants from the Rockefeller Foundation. Even after he finally landed the position at NYU, where he remained only a visiting professor until his retirement in 1969, his salary was paid for not by NYU, but from funds contributed by generous private supporters.”

So what does this mean? Why would a sound money outfit proclaim the virtues of these currencies? I have a theory; Mises is nothing but controlled opposition, and is getting the green light to talk up this new and novel way to get money out of the system. Forget gold, Mises is recommending cryptocurrencies.

All by design? The only thing I know is that this is serving the globalists well.


June 17th Podcast – Extended Market Analysis With Some Predictions; The Major Asset Classes

I have uploaded a new market analysis update podcast for June 17, 2017. Click here to go to the show archives page to listen. The latest show is on the top of the page.

Assets discussed – Real Estate, Precious Metals, Oil, Stocks, and Bonds

The private central banks are putting on a hawkish show for the masses, while they continue to gobble up the world for their owners.

Put your thinking caps on and leave your psychological biases at the door.


June 16th Podcast – Joel Skousen Discusses Upcoming Alex Jones Interview

I have uploaded a new update podcast for June 16, 2017. Click here to go to the show archives page to listen. The latest show is on the top of the page.

Joel Skousen Discusses Upcoming Alex Jones Interview – A Lost Opportunity To Expose The Global Conspiracy

Imagine if AJ just stuck to the conspiracy facts… Imagine if Jones didn’t call Kelly a bar whore… Imagine the damage he could have done to the global conspiracy movement. But that wasn’t the objective. He makes one mistake after another, which only works to discredit the entire movement. Done by design.


June 14th Show – By Dwelling On The Day To Day, We Fritter Our Minds Away

I have uploaded a new show podcast for June 14, 2017. Click here to go to the show archives page to listen. The latest show is on the top of the page.

Topics Discussed-
-Jordan Maxwell interview; If something is going on, it’s because the government wants it to. It’s all about creating misery, stress, division, tension, anger, debt slavery. Prison documentaries are placed in the media to remind us to stay in line.
-Nihilistic and apocalyptic media and movies dull the senses and divert us from observing the real collapses taking place
-The Patriot movement and alt-media have been conquered by the globalists and they use their master change agents to create learned helplessness.
-More on the ever-expanding private central bank balance sheets and their end goal. The plan is unfolding perfectly. The patriots and alt-media followers are fast asleep.
-Alan Watt; If we take a step back it’s shocking to believe how far society has been transformed.
-Statistics to back up the slow motion car crash of society.
-Empower yourself to overcome this transformation.


Opiate Epidemic is Permanent – A Sign of Automation and Society’s Terminal Decay

Over the past 13-14 years I have driven at least a dozen times across the Great Plains and rust-belt states. The one observation I came away with was that it seemed as if an economic neutron bomb had gone off.

As I drove through and stopped in these economically depressed towns and cities that dotted the highway grid I always wondered how anyone could financially survive there. The manufacturing jobs were stripped long ago and the only industries left were government and healthcare.  While the wage base has been decimated to the point that the offshoring has reversed in a few instances, the grind lower has been constant and painful.

As I discussed in my podcast with robots and automation a couple weeks ago, many people won’t be able to retrain and regroup and get on with life. Many in the country are being permanently removed from the employment payrolls and are dropping out of the workforce. This is a trend that will not reverse itself; there just is no longer going to be enough decent jobs now that automation is rapidly expanding.

Here is a link to a short video and commentary of the growing drug overdose epidemic in Baltimore, MD.


I am very familiar with the area as I used to own a number of homes in Baltimore County, just over the border from the city. It is a sad place, indeed. The exponential growth in drug overdoses is a result of society’s terminal decay. The person in the video says that something needs to be done immediately, but you and I know that this calamity is the result of decades of offshoring jobs, broken families, and everything the Globalists hoped to achieve. You and I see this drug overdose epidemic as tragic, but the banking families and globalists see this as a job well done.

In order to reverse this drug problem, we need to reverse decades of events and processes that caused it in the first place.

As the old saying goes, there is not much we can do when the toothpaste is already out of the tube.

We need to concentrate on the trends and not get caught up in the day to day stuff.


Investors Business Daily (IBD) – Objective and Well Respected Coverage

If you are looking for some exceptional and original financial/economic analysis with less political spin I recommend checking out the IBD. I have an online subscription (www.investors.com). The IBD provides excellent stock and economic analysis and commentary, and many of their columns provide great stock picks.

I have a friend who swears by this daily publication. He has made a lot of money over the years buying many IBD recommendations, and his returns rival the best hedge fund. Needless to say, he is a multi-millionaire.

As a rule of thumb, I no longer “invest” in stocks as I create and manage my own investments. I do not have any tax-deferred retirement plan, so I keep my stock trading to the short term. But even in this scenario, the IBD provides good recommendations.

Their political coverage is tilted to the right and seems to be favorable to President Trump. Their “less government, the better” mindset is a breath of fresh air.

If you wish to try it out you can subscribe free for four weeks. I think after the four-week trial period it is 29.99/a month, with no minimum contract.

Anyway, I look forward to their commentary, and will discuss one of their articles on Wednesday’s show.


June 11th Podcast – Beware of Clickbait; What Type Of Collapse Are You Looking For!?!

I have uploaded a new financial market update for June 11, 2017. Click here to go to the show archives page to listen. The latest show is on the top of the page.

Topics discussed –
-Jim Rogers, the man who has been completely wrong since 2010, has advice to give.
-The Sovereign Man says the Santander/Banco Popular deal is terrible and is “madness.” The ECB and other governing bodies say otherwise. The Economist thinks it’s a good deal for Santander and a bad deal for Banco Popular shareholders and junior bond holders.
-Santander gets a wink and a nod from ECB as Banco Popular’s balance sheet is implicitly backstopped.
-Zero Hedge has six to seven articles a day of clickbait with “collapse” of some sort as a subject. The articles speak of something different.
-These central banks are in total control right now, as the banking family owners also own the media outlets. Thus, this false reality will continue; at least for a while.


Private Central Bank Balance Sheets Expanding Tremendously

The privately run central banks around the world are buying up assets at a furious clip. The private banking families need to consolidate as much wealth as they can before the force majeure of World War III.

Here are some links to the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis’s web site, and their FRED Economic Data.

US Fed’s Balance Sheet

Central Bank Assets for Euro Area

Bank of Japan: Total Assets for Japan

Balance of the Remaining Balance Sheet Positions of Swiss National Bank

Bank of England Balance Sheet (% of GDP)

Notice that the Bank of England’s holdings are higher than even during the darkest days of WW II.

As we have discussed, this asset buying spree does not help the economy and does not create inflation. In fact, it does the opposite – it interferes with the true cost of capital, creates terrible asset price distortion, and creates deflationary forces.

But the real objectives of the private banking families and the “research” they put out for public consumption are antithetical to another. Each bank is taking their turn, and soon it will be the US Fed’s turn again.

Sure, there will be asset cycles, but how can we overcome this multi-trillion dollar purchase spree? These banker are geniuses and know the end game. We may think they are stupid, but if we knew what their owners knew, then what they are doing makes perfect sense. Of course, we will be holding the bag in more ways than one.