Things Look To Be Spinning Out Of Control, But Collapse Time Table Carefully Planned

There is no doubt that the global financial system is in a tenuous state.

Just type into Google “pensions insolvent” and key in items from the past month, and hundreds of germane items reveal a dire situation. Here are a couple Martin Armstrong blog posts describing the same thing:

ECB Declares Two Italian Banks Have Failed
Chicago Police Pension Goes Bust

Here are two charts showing the unprecedented central bank purchasing activity:

Real estate prices in high profile areas and other asset prices are way out of line from historic norms.

I can go on about this, but the bottom line is that something unprecedented is planned. The typical “Gambler’s Fallacy” dictates that a collapse of some sort, based on past cycles is in the works. We can also use the “Fundamental Attribution Error” and say that people are greedy and stupid.

Perhaps, we can take a step back and look at the gestalt, and say that we need to reanalyze all this and determine that something completely unique is transpiring. One of my main theses is that when the owners of the privately-run central banks have gained enough control of all the global assets, some sort of force majeure will necessitate the wiping of the slate. The restart button will be pushed and a one-world financial system will be introduced. The new global currency will possess many elements of the cryptocurrencies.

The politically-correct black horse of revelation will be hoisted upon each one of us to accept or reject. The upshot with all this is that there are still a few more years left. Long bond yields are still low, and the central banks are doing a great job at keeping them there. Also, as Joel Skousen says, Russia and China are not ready yet.