June 23rd Podcast – Is the US Fed Foolish? VP Pence is the Real-Life Frank Underwood

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How can the US Fed be foolish? It is a well-established rule in the patriot community that the US Fed was carefully crafted by the private banking families to bring about total control of the country.

Through the boom-bust cycles the private banking families have been consolidating the world’s wealth. So ask yourself, is what the US Fed doing now foolish? Of course, not. It’s all part of the plan.

The market bottom in 2009 with the S&P 500 close of 666 was the signal for the final phase implementation.

The economy and real estate markets will do fine until the banking families signal they are done. That will be noted by spikes in the long-end of the yield curve.

Mike Pence is the real-life Frank Underwood of House of Cards.