June 21st Show – Psychological Bias Keeps the Patriots Broke and Bewildered

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Tonight’s discussion – 
The stock and bond markets are doing well. In many areas of the country residential real estate is doing fine. Rental housing continues to shine as rents creep up in over 80% of the country. The US dollar is holding its own. Gold is struggling. Inflation is low. But listeners of the alternative and patriot media have been hearing that collapse and hyperinflation are just around the corner since 2010. Despite being wrong for over seven years, the patriot and alt-news junkies refuse to budge, and have doubled down. The more wrong they are the more animated they become.  Perhaps it’s time to reassess their logic. Perhaps there is no logic at all.

The all-seeing eye has taken over the patriot media from the top down. The compromised patriot and alt-media are suffering from terminal psychological bias. I will discuss the five primary types of psychological biases that keep the patriots and alt-media followers in the poor house:

-Confirmation Bias
-Overconfidence Bias
-Gambler’s Fallacy
-Fundamental Attribution Error

This is being done on purpose. We need to walk away from their commentary and think for ourselves. We need to stick to the data – all the data.