Important Topics for Discussion – Wednesday’s Broadcast

There is just so much to talk about that I could have people drinking out of a fire hose, but I have condensed some ideas down to a few pertinent ones. I have to work fast as the program will only be 30 minutes long.

  1. Of course, I will discuss the patriot and false-right media and how they are controlled by the globalist, millennial-banking families described in Carol Quigley’s, Tragedy and Hope.  I will show examples on how the patriot personalities keep their listeners hopelessly controlled, broke, diverted, and unwashed.
  2. I will also discuss how these globalists are working to abolish ownership of property. They cannot take the property from the people Soviet-style; that would be too obvious. But, over the next generation or two ownership of owner-occupied real estate and cars will be anachronistic. How will the millennial banking families accomplish this? Tune in and listen.
  3. Also, I will discuss the topic of psychopathy and what this means to you and me. I will discuss the diversion of Genesis Six and the Book of Jasher and Enoch. If it’s on Coast to Coast, then it’s disinformation.

These topics are very important in out battle as we continue to know our adversary.