I am forwarding a link to a recent article I wrote for Henrymakow.com

From time to time I post articles on Henry Makow’s website under the pseudonym Thom Beecham. The link to the article is provided here:


The article discusses my thoughts on the primary asset markets, currencies, gold and cryptocurrencies, a gold-back yuan, and how I attempt to interpret trends given my “guiding principal:”

“I have concluded that the globalists have gained control of virtually all the markets. They control the global currency, equity, bond, commodity, gold, and real estate markets. There will be no collapse, unless, of course, they want one. They don’t rig the markets, they own the markets.”

Anyone listening to the show already knows my perspective; that the financial market calamities of last decade, while very real to you and me, were all planned well in advance to get the necessary consolidation of power to gain this control.

I also discuss my observations on the rise of the cryptocurrencies and my thoughts about their origins and their usefulness to the globalists in their war on gold.

As always, if you have any thoughts or questions, please shoot me an email.