New Shortwave Show! Starts Next Wednesday, May 31st

Hi everyone,

Although I have been silent for the past several months I am still active working, trading, investing, and studying. But, with so much deception I felt I needed to return to broadcasting my analysis. So, I wanted to let my listeners know that I will be returning to the shortwave next week.

If you have listened to my show and read my articles I have made my three primary conclusions clear –

First, most of what we hear and see in the alternative media is purposely designed to create division, tension, misdirection, and learned helplessness. The all-seeing eye is supervising the devolution of all media, including shows from well-known personalities who say they have our best interests in mind.

Second, it is clear to an objective observer that there is now nothing we can do to change the direction of where the world is heading. Most still think their votes matter and are clinging to the hope that politicians can help right the ship. But, the globalists have firm control over every aspect of society, government, and the global financial markets.

Third, we need to focus our energies to where we can have maximum effect – enhancing our personal lives and the lives of those we touch on a daily basis. We can still have a profound effect on the world by leading a Godly and successful existence. This means we have to be more vigilant and diligent than others to avoid the pitfalls that destroy the typical person, so we can explain this end time system to those who have questions.

This calls for us to stay focused, deliberate, sober, circumspect, and objective. This includes freeing ourselves from our confirmation biases that trap us into the world system. We must be a light on the hill for others to marvel as things continue to unravel.

Anyway, the show will be very analytical, nonpartisan, evenhanded, and unbiased. As always I have no agenda and nothing to sell. My only objective is to give back to those who want to listen. It is what God would want. So, tune in again, and look for the archives, too.