Dec. 14th Show – The Gap Between Mainstream Partisan Politics and Patriot Media Narrows – Logic Fallacies both Sides Use To Con the Masses as the NWO Slowly Comes Into Focus.

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Topics discussed –
The step-by-step process to get the one-world financial dictatorship in place.
1) The global Neo-liberalism is injected into each of the major nation-states through vehicles such as vast immigration, the staged refugee crisis, Contrived Muslim/Christian conflict, political correctness, and inane speeches from politicians saying Islam is a religion of peace.
2)The resulting backlash expresses itself as the “New” nationalism. It has spread globally. Fringe parties, politicians, and agendas rise up and take center-stage. Their reactionary philosophies begin the economic and trade conflicts that will be used as the excuse as to why the global economy is faltering.
3) The global economy, which already is irreversibly global, begins to become unglued. The globalists now control the major financial markets and may at this stage begin to let them collapse. Rising bond yields will destroy the finances of most people.
4) The economy will become so tenuous and the nationalism will become so extreme that bombs will begin to fly.
5) The resulting catastrophe will demonstrate to the world that nation-states are a relic and that a one-world government for peace and harmony must be established.

Logic Fallacies that the Alt-media now uses to con its followers. Fallacies that filled partisan politics now fill patriot media.
-Political Psychological Rationalization (PPR)
-Ad Hoc Rescue
-False Dilemma
-Ego Involvement
-Hypnotic Bait and Switch
-Circumstantial Ad hominem
-Association Fallacy (Guilt by Association)

Patriot radio discusses issues like mainstream. As the alt-media audience grows the message becomes diluted… The current controlled patriots in the media are fake patriots, but are a vital part of the plan to whip the audience into a nationalistic frenzy… The USFed seems to be more hawkish. Ramifications for our investments… Gold continues to face growing restrictions worldwide. No assets are safe…

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