December 7th Show – Confirmation Bias, the Backfire Effect, and The Manufactured Alt-Right: The Patriot’s Worst Enemies

Topics discussed – The psychological phenomena of Confirmation Bias and the Backfire Effect… Along with social media and the internet, the Globalists use our Confirmation Bias along with the Backfire Effect to drive wedges between groups. A highly charged, but an ineffectual and malleable society is the result… Confirmation Bias and the Backfire Effect are employed by the globalists to compromise the Patriot Media… There is the direct financial influence over patriot media personalities. These media change agents help to shift the listener’s confirmation bias… There has been the formation of a “globalist-manufactured” alt-right movement, which conflates fringe groups (e.g. KKK, White Supremacists, Neo-Nazis) with the traditional patriot movement. The resulting injection of poison causes contention, confusion, and dilution of the patriots’ original message. This also results in the shifting of our confirmation bias and the movement is diffused like the Tea Party Movement… The sellers of gold coupled with the confirmation bias of the alt-media’s financial sites mislead and omit real news about the economy and gold markets… The Globalists use the internet against us to help fracture society, which keeps us from ever rising up… Is real estate really topping out? It appears that Blackstone thinks the time is right to begin cashing out….

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