November 6 Update – The IV Drip Continues With Clinton & Spotting Disinfo Agents on Patriot Radio

I have uploaded a new podcast update for November 6th. Click here to go to my show archives page to listen.

Topics discussed – Traders see the economic IV drip continuing under a Clinton regime and are bidding up assets in anticipation of her winning… The asymmetric risk of gold and the presidential election… Sunday night’s trading is an indication of things to come if Clinton gets elected… I don’t like GLD and SLV, but not for the reasons the gold bugs indicate… Watch out for disinfo agents on the patriot shows. Beware of people like Steve Pieczenik. He has worked with too many in the Bushonian Cabal….

Links to articles discussed –
-Are You Ready For U.S. Elections? This Is How Gold Traders Are Positioning Themselves For What Could Be The Most Volatile Week Of The Year
-Myth of the White Hats Busted : Steve Pieczenik Disinformation Agent
-Wikipedia – Steve Pieczenik