New Show for Nov 2nd – Follow the Synagogue of Satan’s Same Old Timeline to War

I have uploaded a new show podcast for the week of November 2nd. Click here to go to my show archives page to listen.

Topics discussed – Michael Moore says that Trump is the big F U vote… The Synagogue of Satan follows a particular timeline before starting global wars. Each time the last shoe to drop is the economic one… The timeline leading up to WW I ended with the banking panic and the promulgation of the USFed… Prior to WW II, the owners of the central banks created the situation that brought Hitler to power, and caused the reckless speculation and malinvestment from their massive credit creation that gave us the depression and subsequent economic global downturn. This all set the stage for WW II… The same banking families are causing the upcoming economic hardships from low bond yields to bring us WW III in several years. All contrived, but all real… The low interest rate/bond yield IV drip can be removed anytime the globalists choose. If Trump gets elected the IV drip will probably be withdrawn sooner… Government programs in education drive the costs of tuition up, as colleges and universities raise prices with all that cheap money. The US Fed says so itself.

Links to articles and media –
-Trump’s election will be the biggest “F You” in human history
-Trump will Win – But is he the “Real Deal?”
-Events leading up to World War One
-The Big Short
-Planet of the Apes (1968 film)
-Dark Moon Rising: Are Recently Rising Bond Yields The Beginning Of A Crisis?
-Fed Rate-Rise Plan Hits Snag in Stronger Dollar, Higher Long-Term Yields
-The Simple Reason College Tuition Costs Have Exploded
-Credit Supply and the Rise in College Tuition: Evidence from the Expansion in Federal Student Aid Programs

Thank you for listening! Please get the word out and help raise awareness of the show. I do not ask for anything except an open mind.