New Show for October 5th Uploaded to Site – Watch Out for the Limited Hangout

I have uploaded a new show podcast for the week of October 5th. Click here to go to my show archives page to listen.

Topics discussed – Own gold for the right reasons. Don’t own it, because you think the banking families are out of control, own it, because they are in control… Do not own mining shares, these firms supply the gold to the bullion banks to cover their short positions… Understanding the concept of “Limited Hangout” and the manufactured patriot and alt media… Putin is not our friend. He is controlled by the same entities that control the US President and government… Russia Today is a form of Limited Hangout… The globalists want the patriots back on the plantation, so they are using the alt-right to get us to vote… It doesn’t matter who is in office, the agenda for the one-world financial dictatorship moves forward.

Links to articles discussed –
-Gold Commitment of Traders Report
-According to KWN the world is ending
-The ‘Alt Right’ is Limited Hangout
-Putin, Oligarchy and Alt-Media Delusion
-A Few Uncomfortable Truths You Won’t Hear From The 2016 Presidential Candidates