Podcast Update, September 25th – Taking Control of Our Investments

I have uploaded a new podcast update for September 25th. Click here to go to my show archives page to listen.

Topics discussed –
-Gold Update
-A conversation on investments and what I recommend to those who seek the truth and understand the perilous times we are facing.
-Although the real estate market cycle may be topping out I favor rental real estate. Other than physical gold and silver, rental real estate provides one the most protection from confiscation and asset seizures. Moreover, it offers the most direct control, autonomy, and highest return potential.
-I do not invest in stocks and bonds and do not own any retirement plans.
-I recommend keeping about 20% of one’s net worth in physical gold, silver, and uncut precious stones, such as rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. I do not recommend diamonds as this market is controlled by a cartel.
-Owning mining shares is like owning any other paper investment, and the CEOs of mining companies are not good market analysts. They are even worse when it comes to properly hedging production.
-Be careful about taking investment advice from someone who rejects the Conspiracy for world government.