New Podcast Update for September 11th. The Alt-Media and the Delphi Technique

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This podcast provides a short gold update, and an important discussion on the Delphi Technique and the alternative media, with Alex Jones, his apologists, and his supporting staff as unwitting Change Agents. This dialectical process is destroying the “Truth” movement. If we do not comprehend this it will greatly diminish our ability to help others as events unfold in the future.

AJ has become the “tip of the spear” of the manufactured alternative movement. This is why the Truthers need to separate from his agenda.

Please help me get the word out on this show and website. I am not getting the traction I am hoping to get. If you find my show informative, please spread the word to others who might be interested. I do not ask for any money and do not sell anything. I do this show only to help out. 

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