Update: Private Central Banks Ramp Up Buying Spree

I have uploaded an important update, dated August 7, 2016. Click here to go to my show archives page to listen. The most recent update is on the top. I have included links to articles mentioned.

Update: Central Banks ramp up asset buying spree. Phony collapse talk allows globalists to buy up everything. The private bankers will own it all. This isn’t nationalization by Governments’ Treasuries.

Links to articles to topics discussed
-“Mystery” Buyer Revealed: Swiss National Bank’s US Stock Holdings Rose 50% In First Half, To Record $62BN
-BofA: “45% Of The Global Bond Market Is Now Compromised By Central Bank Buying”
-Japan – Is This the End of the Govt Bond Rally?
-BOJ eases policy by doubling ETF buying, underwhelms expectations