New Show for the Week of July 20th Uploaded to Site

I have uploaded a new show podcast for the week of July 20th. Click here to go to my show archives page to listen. The most recent show is on the top. I have included links to articles mentioned.

Topics covered with links
-Bloomberg finally says gold is in a bull market and it may hit $1,500.
-If gold can wash out here, like equities after Brexit, we can slingshot to new highs.
-If Trump gets in look for the globalist’s purse strings to tighten.
-Suppressed bond yields destroy markets
-The ship has sailed on affordable housing – never again
-Stay healthy, avoid processed foods, allopathic doctors, vaccines, and fluoride
-Bread makers remove iodine as dough conditioner and replace it with bromine. I wonder why?
-Why contemplate crazy theories I cannot prove when the globalists themselves tell us?
-Stay away from alcohol – even top shelf liquor (It’s all loaded with GMO and Glyphosate).
-Sitchin and his peers all know each other and serve another master
-The Hebrew roots, pretribbing “prophets” get their predictions wrong every year, but you can attend more prophecy conferences.


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