New show podcast uploaded on the site

I have uploaded a new show podcast for the week of July 13th. Click here to go to my show archives page to listen. The most recent show is on the top. I have included links to articles mentioned.

Topics include:
-Listen to patriot radio for alternative health advice.
-Inflation is low, but the cost of living is rising.
-Why gold is rising – A redux of the first leg of 2003-2005, with comparisons and contrasts. But it seems eerily similar.
-Don’t bother running away -the US is currently the place for financial safety. Moving to a remote place may not be the best idea. Remaining debt-free and living a life not dependent on doctors are the keys to being free in a nation of consumer debt slaves. You can achieve freedom anywhere.
-Zero Hedge calls QE a failure, I call it a success (it allows the globalists to buy up the world).
-More bloviating, misdirection, red herrings, and learned helplessness from AJ. The globalists buy up the world while their frontmen continually warn of collapse.
-The police of the Adam-12 era called us citizens. The police in the post 9/11 world call us civilians. The media shows us police aggression to remind us that we are only animals in the pen.


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