A link to my April article on Henrymakow.com

Here is a link to an article I wrote on www.henrymakow.com back in April about what I saw as the intermediate trends in the financial markets:


Yes, I used the pseudonym of Thom Beecham. At the time I was writing for Henrymakow.com over the past 3+ years, Mr. Makow suggested I try a pseudonym. However, at this stage in my life I don’t really care anymore. I was born in 1965, and thus, I offer a longer-term view of the moral and societal decay that others, newer in the movement do not possess.

While it is difficult to predict day-to-day movements on markets, it is a more straightforward process when interpreting the intermediate to longer-term trends, especially in light of globalist objectives. I wrote this article almost three months ago, and the only thing I would add is that the enhanced long-term yield suppression has only magnified the trends.

Indeed, the buyers of gold are telegraphing us something. This price rise has a much different feel than before. They are the same lot of individuals from 2003-2005. These are the people in the know. Back in the early 2000’s, VP Dick Cheney stated that the USG had depleted its silver defense stockpile. They had used up about two billion ounces of silver. We have seen what happened to silver since then. These are the people I watch with respect to gold prices. I don’t look to Paulson and Soros. These are traders and globalist front men, and we never really know their objectives.

We must never underestimate the globalists’ ability to hold things together for much longer than we can imagine. It’s their system. Do not be given over to the constant gloom and doom of upcoming “collapses.” The globalists set the agenda and the alternative media follow. The globalists use this fear and confusion to consolidate power, and they approve of the patriot and alternative media. Thus, while I offer no opinions about particular people in the movement, I understand how patriot radio is useful to the overall agenda.

As for the Brexit vote it is clear that the globalists intend to punish the Brits. Look at the British Pound today. The cheap pound will allow the foreigners to buy up the country.

If you refer to Mr. Makow’s site, you are already more learned and open-minded than 90% of the population. Thus, don’t take it personally if people scoff at what we have to say.


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