Welcome to “Know Your Adversary”

I am Evans, the editor and webmaster, along with Beecham as financial contributor. We are self employed traders and investors, as well as knowledgeable students of economics, finance, and domestic politics.  My formal education in Economics, Finance, and Applied Mathematics goes back almost 40 years to the mid-1980s. Mr. Beecham has been a speculator of everything for at least 20 years with a formal education in Economics and Finance.

Have you ever wondered why our financial system always seems so close to collapse, but is always somehow held together? Perhaps it was constructed that way on purpose, so that it could fool those who wake up to its intentions. It is a system built on fear, uncertainty, and inscrutability, so those who do not understand how it works will be its prey.

While this satanic system may seem like it is always on the brink of collapse, I submit that this appearance is by design. It keeps its participants on the edge of their seats while it continues to steamroll its unwitting observers into perpetual poverty.

In order to overcome we need to comprehend how we are being manipulated. The all-seeing eye controls most of what we see and hear in the mainstream and alternative media. Many of the alt-media authorities are only change agents causing strife, partisan diffusion, fear, and learned helplessness..

If we are to succeed we need to start thinking for ourselves.