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There is no privacy on Facebook or the World Wide Wiretap and hope does not lie with the Proles

March 28th Show – Right mouse click here to download

-We have to conclude that the NSA and other black-box agencies are collecting and storing all our internet and cell phone data
-This latest episode regarding Facebook data impropriety is just limited hangout; hiding the true scale of our data collection and making it into a political circus show.
-Elites use this data collection to continually profit with respect to trading and investing. Of course, we are on the other end.
-No privacy on the “World Wide Wiretap”
-Corporations and advertisers use our data to turn us into consumer debt slaves
-Most groups (e.g. Democrats, Republicans, patriots & alt-media) are controlled and programmed based on this vast reservoir of data in the hands of the elites of the secret societies.
-We enslave ourselves by freely providing our data and using the internet. There will be no turnaround.
-in 1984, 85% of the population were the proles. The proles could never rise up, because they never knew or cared to know. They were always led down the wrong paths anyway.
-If the proles became discontented, the inner and outer parties would insert change agents into the population to spread disinfo and false rumors; just like the controlled media outlets. The goal is create confusion and learned helplessness.
-Amazon.com has become too powerful a force in retail. The DOJ should initiate anti-trust actions to regulate the firm. But, that will never happen. It will remain an emotional and political argument; just bad news keeping stocks under pressure.
-Summary of the monetary system puppets and their cryptic messages. This may take a few years to unfold before the fleecing is complete. Even the patriot “experts” won’t even know what hit them.

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Confusion abounds; learned helplessness promoted in the colleges, churches, and the patriot movement

March 21, 2018 Show – Right mouse click here to download

Learned helplessness promoted in the colleges
-Economics textbooks from the 1980’s looked down upon socialism for wealth redistribution. Fast forward to the past decade; college Economics textbooks teach government intervention and socialism as the answer to the shortcomings of capitalism.
-Ever wonder why many millennials prefer socialism? They were indoctrinated at a young age to reject what they see as our form of capitalism, which is really just mercantilism and commercialism.
-Socialism causes deficit spending to balloon, since these programs are inefficient ways to help enhance the public good – consumers are not responsible for the costs they incur.
-Low interest rates are needed to keep deficits manageable, which cause the prices of assets, such as stocks and houses, to rise; furthering the divide between the wealthy and working class. The working class demand more social programs, which ironically widen the gap. The costs are never quantified – how can one quantify busted out families and shattered dreams?
-The mindset in our colleges that our current economic system is fundamentally flawed creates despair and discourages many to excel and plan for the future, which just reinforces the learned helplessness. This accelerates the process in which socialism and total government control takes hold over every aspect of out lives.
-The change is subtle and occurs over a span of decades, so we do not know how it is happening.

Learned helplessness promoted in the churches
-Confusion abounds in the churches with most Christians debating the merits of postmillennialism, dispensational premillennialism, historical premillennialism, or amillennialism.
-Look at the confusion and consternation caused by the topic of the pre-trib, mid-trib, and post-trib rapture scenarios. 
-None of these arguments existed 150 years ago. The secret societies infiltrated the churches and seminaries and sowed their confusion and division to baffle the masses.
-If I were Satan I would promote a pre-trib rapture to soften the resolve of the Christian church. Why work hard to keep Satan at bay when I can be raptured out of this mess? Maybe I can help to accelerate the process….
-Tens of millions of Christians in Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany and Europe during WWII, as well as in China during the great purge were butchered. Many thought they were going to be raptured out. Christianity has been gutted from within by the learned helplessness and confusion introduced from those looking to destroy the church.

Learned helplessness promoted in the Patriot Movement
-Those speaking the truth are never promoted in the mainstream media
-The controlled opposition are the ones continually referred to in the MSM.
-The patriot movement was traditionally non-partisan, but this has changed with the introduction of its Judas-goat puppet leader, President Trump, and his cadre of approved promoters.
-The movement has been externalized and partisanized. The primary objectives of its change agents are to make as much money as possible while confusing its followers. The resulting learned helplessness it fosters only impoverishes and disenfranchises the patriots.
-This process has galvanized the left and is working to politicize the 2nd Amendment.
-What better way to destroy a movement than to dismantle it from within?
-Ever wonder why the patriot and libertarian movements have developed a huge gay following? That’s because the patriot and libertarian agendas have been diluted to such an extent that they no longer resemble what they were 10-20 years ago.

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Market Update – You know patriot media is compromised when it supports Larry Kudlow; Two potential large trades coming soon

March 17, 2018 Update – Right mouse click here to download

-Larry Kudlow is no economist; he only has a bachelors degree in History. He was used by the Republican establishment in the ’80s-’90s to pump the trickle-down and supply-side theories of massive tax cuts and deficit spending. He was fired from Bear Stearns in the mid-90’s, because of a cocaine addiction.
-Roger Stone, Alex Jones, and Infowars are exclaiming that Kudlow was a wise choice. If I were hiring an economist to be my NEC director I would hope he had at least a bachelors degree in Economics.
-Gold is fading and looks ready to crack. Kudlow likes a strong dollar, hates gold, and loves tax cuts and coke. Perhaps gold is fading not only because of the upcoming Fed meeting, but because of Kudlow’s rhetoric.
-Silver, platinum, and GDX look terrible short term. Gold getting ready to follow? Go long after gold drops to 1,270s or below.
-Bitcoin getting ready to put in new lows. get ready to go long on the counter trend rally. Be patient and let the hodlers sell to you.
-The alt-coins are fading relentlessly. Bitcoin will follow. I think the alt-coins are done permanently. Bitcoin still has a future.
-Keep well-performing real estate holdings. Tax cuts will help support higher rent rolls. Well-capitalized investment properties with good cap rates and IRRs are a sure bet.
-The dollar should be well supported with ECB talk of unwinding QE program. The US is better handled to deal with higher rates. These massive tax cuts will help the stock market and the wealthiest individuals. Anyone who has assets that generate ample income will do much better than the average person (or burned-out patriot)
-With the US already the world’s top energy producer (oil and nat. gas) look for the dollar to stay well supported.
-My bandwidth has tripled over the past six months. It used to be 90% domestic and 10% foreigner. Now that many of the patriots here in the US are under mind control the shift is about 40-50% foreign user. The people outside the US are much more in tuned to the problems here in the US.
-I am ready for my two trade set-ups. The amount of after-tax profits from my last year’s crypto trade from July-December have allowed me to buy another rental for cash and pay down a commercial line.

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The all-seeing eye controls this world; Some advice on how to move up the pyramid

March 14, 2018 Show – Right mouse click here to download

-Our true adversaries are usually right in front of us. They are not the manufactured enemies that are placed as our opposition.
-Since the United States has become by many measures a second-world nation, perhaps the tariffs will help to bring back jobs domestically. Many people in the US already work for slave wages as the wage base has been eviscerated and they will take the jobs that have been off-shored since the late 70’s.
-The Patriots will support anything Trump promotes; even though most of his legislation has widened the wealth divide, while adversely impacting his biggest supporters.
-More analysis of patriots from the past. A further discussion of William Cooper and how to move up the ladder in the secret societies.
-A brief discussion on Alan Watt’s latest podcast and his analysis of the all-seeing eye. The bankers never disliked a group they could not control.
-The secret societies now control all levels of government. They control the Patriot agenda and the church hierarchy.
-Most organizations follow a pyramidal structure. The all-seeing eye watches over them all. Sociopathy rules by default.
-It is not difficult to take over a movement. Control a couple key personalities and it all falls into place.
-Some commentary on cryptos. The crypto trading is some of the best trading I have seen since the late 90’s tech bubble.

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Weekend Update – People invent leaders and rely on “experts,” because they don’t want to think for themselves

March 10, 2018 Update – Right mouse click here to download

-Successful traders need to do the opposite of what their peers and the “experts” are telling them.
-I tell you the secrets to long-term trading and investing success; whether it’s gold and silver, real estate, stocks, or bitcoin.
-The wealthiest 10% own 84% of the US stock market. Only 52% of Americans have any exposure to the stock market. Stock may have bottomed intermediate term. Trump made stocks more cheap.
-S&P 500 earnings set to grow by over 19% this year, with most attributable to the tax cuts. Almost $300 billion in stock buybacks announced so far in 2018 with repatriated dollars.
-Trump is not our friend. The Trump tax cuts drive more people into poverty and widen the gap between the wealthy and poor. Most patriots have come out on the losing end – once again. Anyone dependent on borrowing to buy houses, cars, etc., should not approve of his agenda.
-Trump is an ineffectual leader and is helping to eviscerate the second amendment and patriot movement, while the patriots sleep and look to their Judas goats for guidance.
-Tell me one thing that Trump has done to help the patriots. I cannot think of anything.
-The Israelites wanted a king, because having a decentralized form of government took too much work and people do not want to think; they like to invent leaders who will do the thinking for them. Sociopaths quickly fill the void.
-The patriots have made trump into their leader, because most do not want to assume the responsibility of thinking for themselves.
-Blockchain and cryptocurrency shilling hurts the least experienced traders and investors. They can be considered mutually exclusive.
-Blockchain technology needs to be better developed and it will work best once it can scale up. It is not meant for large transactions like real estate. It will work best in supply chains and for fungible financial transactions.
-The need for title insurance transcends whether a contract is placed on blockchain or not. In fact, the less moral society becomes, the more a buyer needs title insurance.

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The secret societies manufacture our enemies, while our true adversaries hide in plain sight

March 8, 2018 Show – Right mouse click here to download

-Our real enemies are not who we think they are; they are manufactured. The patriot shows follow a script and only externalize the hierarchy. Most are redirected, which creates learned helplessness, confusion, and inaction.
-The patriot movement has been hijacked like the tea-party movement and both have effectively been done in by the same methods.
-The patriot show followers are told to look to Judas goat leaders
-William Cooper commentary and discussion. Imagine if he were still alive. The patriot movement would be strong and moving in a different direction.
-Key people are taken out, which undermine the movement.

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Don’t believe the economic hype; a blueprint for the next rinse-and-repeat cycle and how to profit

February 28, 2018 Update – Right mouse click here to download

-A study of last decade’s housing debacle. Home sales fell, then came the prices, then came stocks. The whole process went on for almost three years before the bottom fell out.
-Charts demonstrating what happened last decade looks to be unfolding this decade. Many investors are heavily levered.
-Besides impacting expensive real estate, the tax cuts are contributing to problems with global dollar funding. Rising yields are creating a growing sundry list of problems.
-The latest real estate sales numbers look ominous. Prices are still running up, but this won’t last.
-Some ideas on what to do and how to prepare for the upcoming crises. This upcoming bust can present opportunity.
-The Fed is looking in the rear view mirror when planning the future. Again, all intentional. It is being obtuse with respect to prior policy
-QE can never end. We are too far gone and QE needs to be carried out as long as this monetary system remains intact. Just because we will have another bust does not mean this monetary system will collapse. It just means more centralization. Only a global war will wipe the slate clean.
-I have always stated that the ECB can never stop their QE program. This contemplation of winding down their program is folly. Martin Armstrong agrees.
-The sovereign debt of the developed world is like a pool of water. As long as there are major central banks siphoning off the extra water global yields can stay low. If the ECB stopped then the US Fed would have to step in. There are no mutually exclusive markets anymore.
-AJ is at it once again with his disingenuous, globalist-controlled, dog-and-pony show. YouTube must let AJ continue his show as he is too valuable and controlled by the globalists. He makes the patriot movement look embarrassing; done by design.

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Market Update – A compressed yield curve and Buffett’s record cash hoard (Don’t listen to what I say, look at what I am doing)

February 25, 2018 Update – Right mouse click here to upload

-The yield curve continues to compress, with short rates rising faster than longer dated yields.
-Bonds received a bid on Friday; not so much from that investors think inflation is running low or they think the Fed may raise slower than feared, but because two Fed presidents came out and said they view QE as a viable tool that will probably be used in the next downturn.
-Stocks are responding as is QE4 is in the cards.
-It took 2-3 years of Fed fund increases last decade for it to fall apart. It may take that long this time as well; though I doubt they will need more than a year or two. This decade’s over-speculation dwarfs last decade’s malfeasance.
-Non-bank conforming mortgage underwriting is much larger this decade than last decade. banks can’t make money at low interest rates, even with government backing. Underwriting is getting sloppy. The government still insures at least 70% of all mortgage underwriting.
-Cryptocurrency analysis. A monero hard fork is coming. Bitcoin may have only 21 million total to be ever issued, but with all these hard forks in the past and upcoming the supply of bitcoin derivatives may by virtually open-ended.
-Gold market analysis
-Thoughts about how the patriot movement has changed over the past 25 years. Today’s globalist shills and change agents in the patriot media represent little of what existed a couple decades ago. The current manufactured patriot movement is only externalizing the hierarchy.
-The globalists know what we are saying. Through the NSA, they run Google and the ISPs and can gauge our sentiment. Thus, they need to figure out a more crafty way to impoverish us the next time around.

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Gold Commitment of Trader Report – Chart
10 Year Treasury Note COT Chart
With rates low, Fed officials fret over next U.S. recession
William Cooper · 1996 Lansing Michigan Conference Lecture


A manufactured financial crisis of historic proportions has been announced

February 22, 2018 Update – Right mouse click here to download

-I pay careful attention to the key monetary policy puppets and drown out all the other noise. I only listen to the current and ex Fed Chairs and the current Treasury Secretary. There are only a few, so what they say is of paramount importance. They pronounced last decade’s manufactured calamity in advance and they just pronounced this decade’s upcoming catastrophe.
-The Fed is contemplating raising rates four times this year. Too much too late.
-Every major war has had economic hardship as a major catalyst. Fed policy caused the Great Depression and the resulting WW II. The next few years will provide the groundwork for the upcoming global conflict.
-A manufactured currency war in the making? Even though Steve Mnuchin’s weak dollar comments were scripted and subsequently retracted, the ECB is fuming over his comments.
-Oil and Gold are rising, but the rising cost of capital is hurting the XOP and GDX.
-If gold is to hit prime time, silver and platinum need to show more strength.
-Short-term rates caused last decade’s manufactured real estate crisis. Long-term rates will cause this decade’s manufactured real estate crisis. Higher deficit spending worldwide on social programs, coupled with restrictive monetary policy will hit the average person hard. There is no such thing as a free lunch.

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Everything is manufactured; the markets, society, news, politics, and the patriot media

February 21, 2018 Show – Right mouse click here to upload

-We live in a manufactured society. The markets are all manufactured. The political debate and the news are manufactured. The patriot media are manufactured; controlled from the top.
-As we get closer to war, fiscal profligacy and corruption will continue to grow and expand as the mad dash to extract as much wealth reaches its last gasp. The elite politicians are now being told war is coming. This isn’t stupidity and greed; this is survival.
-Imagine how the patriot media would be if William Cooper were still alive.
-Imagine how the  world would have turned out if JFK, Jr. was not assassinated and he won the Senate seat that went to Hillary Clinton.
-I don’t disagree with much of the economic commentary in the alt-media. Our conclusions differ as this busted out system will be maintained until the global force majeure (WW III).
-The globalists have been conditioning us to accept a global nuclear war for at least 50 years.
-Our current financial system will be propped up until war. It has provided the elite of the secret societies the means to consolidate and control all the world’s wealth. It will provide them the means to control the upcoming systemic collapse.

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The Fed smacked the markets as planned. What’s next?

February 10, 2018 Market Update – Right mouse click here to download

-The Fed spanked equities on purpose. The clues were there; we talked about them. Did they send in the plunge protection team late Friday afternoon?
-Large money and mainstream media are still complacent.
-The German 10-year bund yields, the benchmark for the EU is rising above multi-year resistance. If this continues the dollar may rally against the euro.
-More people are on to the Fed, so it needs to tread carefully. Shows like this one only help to uncover their modus operandi. If things collapse the Fed will get the blame.
-The dollar held up. If the dollar fell further the pain would have been much worse.
-The US 10-year note futures speculative short position is very stretched. Any positive word out of the Fed will send the dollar and 10-year higher .
-I recommend gold as an asset shield, but I do not choose gold or silver during any market sell-off. Gold and silver prices do not have a high positive correlation to market turmoil. Gold is better than silver.
-Mainstream media is blaming the VIX and other volatility-based securities and derivatives as the reason for the sharp oscillations. Is this right?
– The US Fed sent out their puppets to talk down the markets and they allowed the Dow to drop 666 points last week. This announced to their operatives that their test was a go.
-The US Fed chose an auspicious time to snap the markets. Retail participation has increased tremendously and it had been one of the most overbought markets in history.
-Low cost of capital lowers prices. More producers supply more product to the market place and the supply curve shifts out to the right. If you ever wonder why there are so many fast food places open, it’s their low cost of capital that allows them to stay open.
-The United States is a very bitcoin-friendly  nation. The Anglo-American nation states are bitcoin supportive, which conflates with my theories that bitcoin was a creation of Anglo-American intelligence. This is why Russia and China are clamping down hard on the cryptos.
-Beware of the crypto shilling. It was just like the gold shilling earlier this decade.
-The Russian firm, Kaspersky Labs, claims that Bitcoin was created by US intelligence as a “dollar 2.0”
-Based on my research, bitcoin is a grand experiment and it should have a good future.

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Are we about to crack? The genesis of these asset bubbles go back a long way.

February 8, 2018 Show – Right mouse click here to download

-The policies and precedents that started the equity and real estate bubbles go back almost 40 years.
-A recap of Bushonomics and its legacy. Peacetime deficit spending generates Treasuries that can be used for collateral. It creates asset inflation.
-The US government and USFed work to create asset inflation; it’s an open conspiracy.
-Defined contribution plans were established in 1981, the last year the Dow was at 1,000.  This created a permanent upward repricing of equities. Trump’s tax legislation pumps equities.
-The Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 drastically changed the tax code for residential real estate. It was phased in during 1998. Notice how house prices took off that year and never looked back.
-Every time the government subsidizes an industry (e.g. Education, medical, housing) the benefits are arbitraged into the market and only result in higher permanent repricing.
-Dow has the largest on day drop. Was it by chance? The Dow drops by 666 on Friday.
-Janet Yellen questions bubbles. Greenspan says the markets are all in bubbles. Mnuchin flip flops on the dollar.
-The confirmation bias and backfire effect are lethal in trading and investing. We need to remain objetive.
-The gamblers fallacy is another lethal error. Many people over the past week have lost big in the market turmoil. They fell victim to the gamblers fallacy.

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(Chart) House prices take of after the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 is phased in.
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Look for the clues to understand what our adversaries are planning

February 3, 2018 Update – Right mouse click here to download

-Look at the numerology in the markets to see the globalist calling cards. The March 2009 (3/6/2009) low in the S&P 500 was 666. Yesterday’s drop in the Dow Jones was 666 (665.75).
-Another clue… Yellen’s last action on the job was to severely penalize Wells Fargo. This problem had been brewing for over a year, but the USFed chose to act yesterday.
-Yesterday was Yellen’s last day on the job. Powell will be the Fed Chair during this manufactured crisis. Yesterday’s stock drop was not a coincidence.
-The USFed desperately needs to institute another round of QE. The globalists have to manufacture another crisis to get this objective met.
-The USFed is in charge of policing the banks in the banking system. It could have easily forced the banks and broker/dealers last decade to discontinue underwriting all those exotic mortgages, but it chose to do nothing. In fact, before last decade’s RE collapse, Bernanke and Greenspan both said that these loans were not severely impacting the RE market.
-30-year mortgage rates are now at 4.5%. This has already begun to unwind real estate. The data and numbers just haven’t shown it yet.
-Naomi Prins writes an article that has received a lot of traction in the alt-media. The problem is that she redirects the reader to focus on the stuffed shirts and the “men of Trump.” She says that Trump now owns the Fed. Obviously, the owners of the Fed own Trump.
-Trump will get the blame. Naomi Prins will look prescient, although she got it wrong. Notice that Prins appears on Russia Today (RT), the globalist-controlled Tokyo Rose of alt-media. She is the perfect useful dummy for the globalists.
-Oil and metals are rising, but the shares of the prospectors and miners are falling. Their cost of capital and input costs are rising as well.
-I still stand by my research behind bitcoin. If bitcoin never had its blow-off top and prices were currently at this level we would all be talking about bitcoin as the wave of the future. I still think it has a strong future.
-The people shorting bitcoin are most likely miners. It costs, on average, $6,000 to mine a bitcoin. If I were a miner of size I would short on price rises and arbitrage for risk-free profit.
-If I were a venture capitalist and had $100 million to invest in blockchain, I would not buy $100 million in crypto. I would start my own pump-and-dump altcoin.

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Globalist trash-talk and USFed policy are undermining the confidence in the US dollar and US Treasuries

February 1, 2018 Show – Right mouse click here to download

-The table is being set. Last week, Bonesman, Steve Mnuchin, welcomed a weaker dollar. Every time he opens his mouth he damns it with faint praise.
-Today, Alan Greenspan says the stock and bond markets are bubbles. He says bonds are more concerning than stocks. I agree.
-Will the USFed cause the next real estate downturn?
-As long as the central banks are on the bid buying stocks they should continue to levitate. But, are they up to something? Will it last?
-According to game theory, it is easier navigating the financial markets when we know our adversaries. The USFed and the globalists, who control the media, are working against us and the nation-state. If we know their modus operandi and understand their objectives, we can invest successfully.
-Their goal is to appear as our heroes; providing solutions to the problems they cause.
-The controlled press like Bloomberg and CNBC are saying the USFed policies will strengthen the dollar. I say the opposite. They are all working to fool us and to create the upcoming manufactured crisis.
-As always and by definition, most will be on the wrong side of the equation and will lose a lot of money.
-The Trump regime will get the blame.

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10 Year Treasury Rate – 54 Year Historical Chart
My notes for the show in .pdf
Steven Mnuchin is trying to fix ‘the first serious economic misstep by the Trump administration’


A melting US dollar will be the catalyst for the next rinse and repeat cycle.

January 28, 2018 Update – Right mouse click here to download

-A detailed analysis of what I think will be the catalyst for the next financial crisis.
-Trump will most likely get the blame and the crisis will occur during his presidency. He will be the fall guy for the fallout from the depreciating dollar.
-I base this on the behavior of the parties involved [The US Fed and US Treasury Secretary (and Skull & Bonesman), Steve Mnuchin]
-Cryptocurrencies may continue to move higher, but the amateurish and disingenuous actions of the crypto gurus are leaving a bad taste in the institutional investor’s mouth.
-Be aware of the crypto shilling. It is similar to the gold shilling, except it is not as sophisticated.

Notes and articles discussed-
PDF file of my notes for the update
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US Treasury Secretary and Skull & Bonesman, Steve Mnuchin, following script to blow up US dollar and US bonds

January 26, 2018 Update – Right mouse click here to download

-Skull & Bones member and US Treasury Secretary, Steve Mnuchin, “stuck” his foot in his mouth by saying he desired a weaker dollar. He tried to back track a day later, but only looked more foolish.
-We discussed this already; this is the last thing the US needs, as all the other major central banks are executing QE programs.
-The raising of short-term rates in the US has been dollar destructive. He knows this and is only helping to fan the flames.
-Mnuchin is following the well-planned script to set up the next financial catastrophe. Add him to the lengthening list of the cast of characters who will help cause the next financial crisis.
-I know this script can seem convoluted and complex, but the trends seem to be establishing themselves more and more everyday.
-Mnuchin graduated from Yale University in 1985 with a bachelor’s degree. At Yale, Mnuchin was publisher of the Yale Daily News, and was also initiated into Skull and Bones in 1985.

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The US Fed is being willfully ignorant; we are being set up… again

January 24, 2018 Show – Right mouse click here to download

-The USFed and other central banks got us to this point with all the QE and bond buying. Now they are “forgetting” all they did and are withdrawing the IV-drip
-An in-depth analysis and commentary of how the US Fed is setting up the financial system for the next “catastrophe”
-Any shocks will, of course, be manufactured. Unfortunately, it will all be very real to you and me.

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Market Update – What will the USFed do going forward? QE4 is needed, but how will it happen?

January 21, 2018 Update – Right mouse click here to download

-Armstrong is wrong in saying the Chinese and Japanese are manipulating the dollar to please Trump.
-The Chinese and Japanese are selling Treasuries, because they are afraid of further losses. The USFed is raising rates, which have ironically hurt the dollar, because these higher rates are hurting the longer-dated Treasuries. It’s a self-feeding loop.
-The USFed will have to institute some sort of new QE program. USTreasury net issuance is set to double this year and there is not enough global demand to soak up all the new sovereign debt.
-Higher mortgage rates are beginning to impact home purchases.
-Don’t look for rental rates to drop. They will continue to rise as government intervention only makes rents increase. Real estate investors benefit the most from any government program designed to help the working-class renter.
-The Obama regime worked to obtain federal backing for private equity landlord debt. Both sides of the aisle are working against the common folk.
-With asset prices as high as they are getting out of debt, including mortgages, is the best course of action.
-Has gold topped out or will it go higher? I see more of the same.
-If you think the CBOE Bitcoin futures created increased volatility just wait until the CME futures expire this week.
-Kaspersky Co-founder says bitcoin is USD 2.0 and that it was created by US intelligence

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Crypto Update – Are we bullish on cryptocurrencies or the blockchain technology?

January 17, Update – Right mouse click here to download

-Is this it for the cryptos?
-Being bullish on the blockchain technology does not mean being bullish on cryptocurrencies. Many busted out tech companies from the late 90’s provided the groundwork for building up the internet.
-This correction is different than previous ones as the composition of investors and traders are different. The crypto traders and investors are still wildly bullish.
-The futures market has completely changed the cryptos. Without futures contracts bitcoin could still be making all-time highs.
-The first futures contract expires today.
-I have noticed over the past couple months that the large multinational corporations and banks have been building up their blockchain patent portfolios and not including any conversation with the cryptocurrencies.
-Did the globalists allow the cryptos to run up, so they could get the computer programmers fascinated with the blockchain technology?

Truth and Morality; Is Everything Relative? 

January 11, 2017 Show – Right mouse click here to download

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Important Cryptocurrency Update – Successfully trading against some of the dumbest money I have ever seen

January 8, 2017 Update – Right mouse click here to download

-The cryptocurrency market continues to explode. The total market cap will go much higher; at least 2.5 times higher.
-Analysis of an excellent trading article from Coindesk.com
-In my 25+ years of trading I have never seen a dumber bunch of people than those trading cryptocurrencies.
-During the Christmas holiday I was able to buy two bitcoin on Kraken for $1,000 less each than on Coinbase.
-Use charts to show extremes. Scale in and out as others do the opposite.
-Don’t get caught up in the cult of personality. These Tweet-stormers have an agenda and are disingenuous.
-Trading around core positions can allow you to benefit from the explosive rise while keeping the downside volatility in check. This requires 24-hour trading, but the benefits are well worth the effort.

Link to article discussed-
Weathering the Altcoin Storm (And Investing for the Next)


Economics 101 – Socialism cannot work (it is not supposed to either); Manufactured division

January 3, 2018 Show – Right mouse click here to download

-An economic and psychological argument for why the concept of socialism doesn’t work and that the end goal is to bankrupt a nation
-Only a morally compromised population will accept the underlying tenants of Socialism
-Socialized medicine in the US was not possible 20 years ago.
-Manufactured division
-Is Pike’s letter to Mazzini, which called for three world wars, a fraud? It doesn’t matter as it is coming to pass

The year in review and the trends going into 2018

December 28, 2017 Show – Right mouse click here to download

-A review of the past year in finance and economics and how my understanding of the globalist agenda assists in enhancing my accuracy.
-An analysis of past investment opportunities and how I spot them.
-What I see going into 2018.
-The current trends have been long in the making