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Market Update – Altcoins get destroyed as Facebook may enter scene, gold and platinum on sale, global mouthpieces warned us about tighter Fed money policy

August 13, 2018 Update – Right mouse click here to download

-The head of Facebook’s blockchain division resigned from Coinbase’s board last Friday. It has been straight down for the alt-coins as many will go away when FB comes out with their crypto. BTC still has a place. The $6,000 BTC level will eventually give way as the bulls are furiously defending that Maginot Line.
-Pace of technological advancement in the crypto sphere is too slow and in order to get the blockchain as an underpinning of a future monetary system, a centralized management scheme needs to be implemented – and will be. Decisions will be made much more quickly, rather than by consensus of coin miners. They will be made unilaterally, much to the chagrin of the libertarians and those who lost their life saving buying into the crypto scam.
-Gold and platinum on sale and I added to physical at $1,200 and $800.
-Oil came back after a brief hard selloff. I added to a couple oversold P&Es
-It is the interest of National Security for the US to produce as much oil as possible domestically
-The problems in the emerging markets are to be expected as the tighter US Fed policy is a direct cause. The globalist mouthpieces warned us of impending hard unwinding. Bernanke, Greenspan, and Yellen all told us early this year that things could become unglued. The EMs are always the first to get hit.
-Analysis of Turkey’s situation. Just a corrupt and inefficient government falling victim to the Fed unwind. Perhaps Erdogan should listen to the globalist mouthpieces.
-Erdogan and Trump following script to drive a wedge between secular Turkey and the US and drive it into the arms of the Soviet/Sino alliance. I think of Ezekiel 38-39.
-The USFed needs to raise rates, but it must keep the Fed funds rate low as it battles the shorts on the long-end of the yield curve. The Fed is keeping accommodative policy not because they think the economy is weak, but because they cannot tell us they are working with the US Treasury in the futures market to keep the 10-year yield below 3%.
-Armstrong screaming we need a currency reset. Do we? You can pay $10,000/yr for his services. He has a whole lot of fear to sell. Even if we get a “currency reset” or whatever garbage he is proposing, what does that mean? We had one in 1944 and in 1985 and the average guy on the street saw barely a thing.

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Important Markets Update – Trading and investing recommendations. The real globalists are working well with Trump.

August 11, 2018 Update – Right mouse click here to download

Assets discussed: Gold, platinum, oil, stocks, bonds, real estate, oil P&Es, cryptocurrencies, the US dollar.
-Discussion of Barron’s article, New Era for Markets is Here. And It’s Not Just Because of Trump
-Trump is very useful to the globalists. The manufactured alt-right’s concept of who the globalists are is completely misguided as Trump has been molded to prepare the nations for eventual conflict. He is helping the elites to consolidate their power and wealth.
-I do not see any collapses anywhere. Why have one? There is no need of one. Only the fear of collapse allows the agenda to move forward. Only the fear of another 9/11 allows the tyranny to grow.
-My somber real estate analysis should not preclude an investor with a long-term time horizon from getting involved.
-My goal is to have the listener become self-sufficient financially (like I already am). If the listener is polluted by collapse rhetoric he or she will be paralyzed by learned helplessness.
-The Chinese are not forcing a yuan devaluation. National security issues, inefficient monetary policy, and macroeconomics are taking care of that.
-The dollar is well supported here. The petrodollar concept is a myth. The US economy performing well compared to other advanced nations. Short-term rates need to rise in the US, unlike in other areas of the globe. With the US the world’s top energy producer, why would the dollar suffer?
-Just because someone is banned from the private social media platforms doesn’t mean free speech is under peril. You and I are free to say anything we want as long as we do not threaten anyone.
-My views are not popular, yet I make money – enough to survive and prosper without any help or benefit. If I were wrong I would be losing money.  The advice from the alt-financial writers punches the one-way ticket to perpetual poverty. If they are wrong repeatedly, why pay attention to them? I know, it satisfies your confirmation bias.

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10-Year UST Price and COT Chart
Gold COT Chart
10-Year UST COT Chart
gold/platinum ratio chart

Political Update – Government intervention distorts the markets; is the Trump regime ready to confiscate foreign real estate?

August 9, 2018 Update – Right mouse click here to download

-History has shown that modifications to the tax codes and changes in government policy tend to impact real estate and other asset markets more profoundly than changes in economic conditions, including movements in long-term mortgage rates. Why is this? Investors always underestimate how the government can distort the supply/demand curve.
-The Trump administration, as part of a crackdown on certain US investments made by Chinese companies, is set to snatch a majority stake in Manhattan’s 850 Third Ave.
-This is the first move by the Trump White House under CFIUS — the Committee on Foreign Investors in the United States – to seize foreign real estate interests.
-With respect to investing there is absolutely no difference in the “left” and the “right.” In fact, with most issues, there is no difference. Both sides use government when it suits their interests.
-Donald Trump was elected while beholden to Chinese and German lenders, in clear violation of the US Constitution’s Emoluments Clause.

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Trading Update – Gold, Silver, Platinum, 10-year UST, Cryptocurrencies

August 8, 2018 Update – Right mouse click here to download

-Trading and purchase updates and recommendations for gold, silver, and platinum
-Is the 10-year UST yield about to explode? The COT and trading action say otherwise
-The cryptocurrency market continues to plumb new depths. Looking at the sad alt-coin action we are in for a world of hurt
-There is a special place reserved in hell for people like Charlie Lee of litecoin. He realized untold profits on the backs of his followers. If you are following people like Charlie Lee you need to realign your thinking. Add him to the trash heap of alt-financial writers and copywriters spreading impending catastrophe.

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Financial Update – The New World Order; The necessary consolidation of wealth and power takes decades

August 6, 2018 Update – Right mouse click here to download

  • The consolidation of wealth and power in the stock market has been immense and has taken decades;
    -In 1975, there were 8,000 publicly-traded companies. In 2015, there were less than 3,700.
    -In 2015-dollars, 61.5% of these companies in 1975 had assets below $100mm. In 2015, 22.6% had assets below $100mm.
    -In 2015, the 200 largest companies, by earnings profits, generated ALL the stock market earnings profits. All the other companies lost money in aggregate. Earnings and power have been consolidated into a tight group of companies.
  • This consolidation of power and wealth is a prerequisite to promulgating any new system. It makes any new system much easier to implement as you and I will have no say. Government power has been transferred to the national level.
  • Currency wars? The problems with the yuan have more to do with Macroeconomics 101 than a currency war. The manufactured tariffs situation will lead the nations into the direction of an appearance of a currency war without having to be proactive in causing it.
  • Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, the controlled mainstream shill that GATA, the gold bugs, and collapse-lovers embrace is out talking about the economic wars that China is proactively waging.
  • A listener of the podcast is predicting that bitcoin may have put in its all-time high last December. I do not disagree. The crypto shills all predicted that the bitcoin futures market was going to be a big booster to the crypto sector. We can see that bitcoin put in its all-time high almost to the day of the futures market opening. The only coin I guarantee has a future is bitcoin.
  • Fallacy of opposition – Alex Jones is fighting a manufactured confrontation against his stated enemies, who put him in his position in the first place. He has made the patriots look like buffoons and is throwing his followers under the bus. He has politicized basic constitutional rights, such as the first and second amendments. Bill Cooper was assassinated and AJ was installed in his place. Both talk down the Bible however, while claiming to be Jesus-men.
  • Jamie Dimon was out this past weekend talking down US Treasuries; he is predicting a 5%-yielding 10-year Treasury. We need to keep our powder dry for the next cycle and destruction in wealth.
  • Gold is a good inflation indicator IN THE LONG-TERM. Gold has gained 7.3% per year since 1968, but its ascent is managed to make it look like a speculative commodity.

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It’s clear the globalists want real estate to fall. The Fed needs to raise rates, but can’t

August 1, 2018 Markets update Right mouse click here to download

-The full court press in the MSM to denigrate real estate is in high gear. Recall Yellen, Greenspan, and Bernanke earlier this year talking down commercial real estate.
-These trends take time. Don’t be impatient for immediate Schadenfreude.
-The globalists gain nothing by having a collapse right now; the central banks will get the blame.
-Manufactured nationalism will get the blame for any financial market problems, but we still have a few years left for that to simmer to a boil. That will make a great excuse for war, but the primary nations are not ready.
-We still have not seen currency wars; there has been a lot of hyperbole, but we are not yet there.
-Does there need to be a collapse to get the NWO fully in place? I think only the fear of a collapse will get us there. The globalists will remind us of a possible 2008 scenario and the the world will agree to whatever is proposed – even the mark.
-As long as investors are trying to unwind debt obligations the USD will remain supported. Buy it on dips.
-Corporations and governments are backing away from the hype of blockchain, as the reality sets in that it is still too primitive a technology.
-If the USD remains firm, gold will struggle. Own gold if you live in a nation with poor monetary policies. Own it as unencumbered net worth.
-As long as stocks like AAPL respond to good earnings stocks will remain elevated here.
-Stocks look good as there is no where else to go with money. As long as there are major central banks buying back sovereign debt the yield curve will remain flat.
-If things fall apart here the USFed can always crank up another program.

Important Real Estate and Housing Update – A background to the future

July 30th Update – Right mouse click here to download

-Do a Google news search of “housing market” and every story on the first page paints a picture of doom. MSM is pointing us in a certain direction. The market is turning now.
-Sales are dropping off as predicted and it is not because sellers are few. Supply will emerge as investors begin to unwind. The percentage of units owned by investors will always be greater than reported.
-Despite what many in the alt-financial media proclaim, money is hard to come by. Many of my properties can no longer be used as collateral. Hard-money lenders are becoming much more discerning. What was collateral 2-3 years ago can no longer be used.
-Higher interest rates do not necessarily mean lower prices. We must analyze why rates are rising in the first place. Rates rose profoundly in the late 70’s yet prices still rose.
-Tax policies profoundly impact real estate prices.
1986 Tax Reform Act
1997 Taxpayer Relief Act
Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017
-The latest round of tax changes is beginning to put a dent in higher-priced, owner-occupied housing. This will trickle down to working class areas. It already has begun.
-The 1997 Taxpayer Relief Act created a huge economic sector (home improvement and residential RE speculation). Home Depot would only be a mid-sized retailer, not a Dow Blue-Chip, but the cap gain exclusions created a huge economic sector that did not exist prior. Homeowners have become home-flippers, because of the cap-gains exclusions.
-The Bush Sr. Cabal (e.g. Carlyle Group and Blackstone) made billions buying up real estate in the wake of the TRA of 1986 inspired bust. It almost brought down Prudential Securities.
-Next downturn could be more like the late 80’s-early 90s, than last decade. But, the opportunities will flesh out and will be many.
-Real Estate management takes a lot of knowledge and since time is our most precious commodity it is always a good time to begin investing in real estate. However, now is not the time to invest in a big way. Learn from hands-on experience and when the cycle turns we must be ready. Get your feet wet now.
-I have not bought a new property since Spring 2016. I was buying in 2011-2015. I had two fallouts in the past year as I decided the market dynamics were changing. Many new investors are currently bidding up investment properties. This was just like in 2005.

Bitcoin Update – Learning from the past year’s market action; what does the future hold?

June 4th bitcoin update – Right mouse click here to download

-I hope to present a balanced assessment of bitcoin’s prospects, based on its origins. I am not as sanguine with the alt-coins.
-Bitcoin’s chart and market action mimicked that price and market action of oil in 2008 & 2014, gold and especially silver from 2005 to the present, tech stocks in the late 1990s-2003, and real estate from 2002-2011.
-No one can ever tell where the top will be, but we can gauge the market action to determine when to start unwinding a position. There are usually dead-cat bounces that provide second opportunities to unload.
-We were able to profitably trade bitcoin last year and early this year, because of our experience with prior asset bubbles.
-Don’t believe the crypto shilling of unprofitable mining. The same disinfo was put forth with the gold miners and oil producers. They all adjust to lower prices or are sold in bankruptcy.
-Bitcoin traders and regulators are developing a liquid pool of derivatives against the underlying asset. This shows that the globalists are supporting bitcoin. I cannot make this assumption about any of the alt-coins.


Market Update – Is it just a show? Are the elites losing control?

June 2nd market update – Right mouse click here to download

-Gold holding up as expected, given the rise in the USDX. Commercials were net shorters for the week, however, despite the drop in price.
-The 10-year Treasury continues to hold up. The Commercial longs are at historic highs and the spec shorts are at historic levels, too. Something has to give and the commercials are usually right. This is why longer-dated treasury yields fell this week. More of the same next week?
-The US economy is holding up well, especially when compared to the other developed economies. The USDX is well supported here, but the dollar shorts have largely covered. Perhaps we take a break from further dollar rallies
-Brexit vote took place in June 2016. Nothing has happened as the British politicians have all been co-opted. The Brexit campaign reminds me of the Tea Party movement of last decade. That reminds me of Trump’s America-first campaign. That reminds me of this Italian political situation. It gets taken over and diffused. The power gets more centralized.
-As long as Trump gives in to the globalists’ demands things will hold up domestically. My thoughts of Trump taking the blame for economic calamity may be misguided as he is giving in to every demand the globalists ask.
-The fact that the EU is being held together is testament to their power.
-Every time we experience a rise in the collapse chatter things go back to normal. Collapse chatter demonstrates the elite’s control and are just opportunities to buy the dips.
-Perhaps I have seen a few too many collapse scenarios from the alt-financial media, but their prediction success is dismal. Count Armstrong as one of those Cassandras. He’s just selling fear.

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A conversation on what a systemic “collapse” means to us

May 30th Show – Right mouse click here to download

-My hope is to help people understand that economic and monetary system problems present opportunities.
-Recall that QE was a novel program last decade. If there is another calamity perhaps there are other programs available. Are there any programs the governments and central banks can conjure up to address monetary and economic system problems in the future?
-Will there be a collapse? Who will be blamed for it?
-What is the goal of these elites? Is it to reform or is it to string it along until a force majeure presents itself? Never underestimate their ability to hold it all together.
-Do the patriots and alt-media followers and bloggers even know what “collapse” means?
-Are there untapped pools of liquidity that the nations can tap into to stave off debt collapse?
-The disinfo in the alt-financial media comes from the top and is filtered down. It ensnares well-meaning writers who really aren’t experts.
-George Bush, Sr. called the patriots and alt-media followers of his day as the BUDsters.
-Beware of the hard-sellers who rely on fear to sell their garbage. They appear in places we don’t think to look.

Is there an “Area 51” of economic and monetary policy research?

May 23rd Show – Right mouse click here to download

-There are currently no viable solutions to the monetary system problems being discussed. I find it curious that there is a lock-down with respect to any practical and public discussion.
-Cryptos and blockchain still need at least 10-15 years of technological advancement to make them viable
-The euro, yuan, and yen offer no alternative to the dollar
-The SDR is almost 50 years old and provides no practical solution
-Gold backing to currencies would collapse the fiat system overnight as monetary growth would grind to a halt. Not one nation wants to see gold backing
-The collective oligarchy must be developing a new system behind closed doors. They are long-term planners and it is impossible that they are not developing one right now. They must have built an “Area 51” of economic research to develop new monetary system theories and technologies that can be employed on a mass, global scale.
-Never underestimate the elites’ ability to keep their system going for longer than we have patience for. The patriots were crying collapse 25 years ago. William Cooper was warning his listeners in the early ’90s of impending calamity.
-The boom/bust cycles provided by the current monetary system will continue to provide the wealth extraction necessary for the elites to consolidate the world’s wealth.
-All this collapse talk creates the learned helplessness that makes the transition easier when the time comes. We need to be patient and learn to work with this broken system for now.

May 20th Market Update; Why there is currently no alternative to the dollar; Well-defined market and economic trends are emerging and we need to plan

May 20th update – Right mouse click here to download

-The internet has become the great equalizer when it comes to getting the truth, but there is too much disinfo for the average person to fall victim to. Moreover, the internet gives many people in the MSM and alt-media a false sense of expertise with respect to their true knowledge. Everyone is an expert in politics, religion, and economics.
Dunning–Kruger Fffect; a cognitive bias where people of low ability have illusory superiority and mistakenly assess their cognitive ability as greater than it is. This cognitive bias comes from the inability of low-ability people to recognize their low-ability.
-Too many people in the alt-financial media have created misleading and biased economic and monetary analysis as they have relied on the propaganda and disinfo sources like the gold and crypto shillers, Zerohedge, RT, PressTV, Infowars, Sputnik news, etc. The brainwashing is difficult to overcome.
-There are a lot of well-meaning writers in the alt-financial media who continually get it wrong.  They rely on the disinfo outfits and do not possess high level business and economic understanding. This same problem arises in the mainstream. I personally met many of the well-known faces on the MSM business shows while at Nasdaq.
-There are many reasons why the USD is the reserve currency. These are the reasons why the Chicom government does not want the yuan as a reserve currency. An analysis of why this is the case.
-The economic trends we discussed in January and early February are now fleshing out. These trends can persist for longer than most anticipate. The good news is that we have time to respond.
-Gold and silver commentary. Silver holding up better as its industrial off take helps to support silver prices.
-USDX showing renewed strength. The dollar may be a flawed currency, but it is less flawed than the yuan, yen, and euro. The emerging markets are up first for crisis.
-Watch for autocratic rule to become more common in the emerging markets as economic hardships mount in these nations.
-US stock market commentary.
-Real estate commentary. Price are rising, but when the UST hits 4% the change can come quickly; just like last decade, but probably not as pronounced. Hold onto your cash for distressed sales.

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National debt of China – The yuan and yen are poor reserve currencies; their debt is mostly internally held and their currencies are susceptible to official intervention. Chinese official data is suspect, at best.
Excerpt: Former Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, earlier in 2016, commented that “the…debt pile facing China [is] an ‘internal’ problem, given the majority of the borrowings was issued in local currency. Many economists have expressed the same views, dismissing worries over the size of Chinese government debt, either in absolute terms or in proportion to the nation’s GDP, as “nonsensical”.
Reserve currency
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The alt-financial media; deception comes in many forms and it’s done by design

May 16th Show – Right mouse click here to download

-The controlled alt-financial personalities are legion and are there to impoverish the potential resistance
-The list of the people in the alt-financial media who are controlled will shock you. It is a sobering assessment of my long-term observations (15 years) with my economics and financial background.
-If you seek the advice of these charlatans you will continue to lose.
-Many of these personalities have been involved in fraud and deception. ALL of them have terrible track records.
-They appear on RT, Sputnik news, Newsmax, Agora Financial, Daily Reckoning, KWN, PressTV, and Inforwars. They are also regular contributors on ZeroHedge.
-The writers on most of these sites are paid copywriters posing as objective news and research outfits.
-Porter Stansberry was convicted by the SEC of securities fraud on 2007 and ordered to pay $1.5 million in fines.
-The monetary system is controlled by a collective oligarchy and is satanic by design. It is natural for us to reach out to those who appear as its enemy so, it is in the best interest of this oligarchy to control their opposition.
-Russia, China, and Iran are all controlled by this oligarchy as Russia and China are both controlled by the same private banking crime syndicate. This crisis between the nation blocs is all manufactured, but the results are very real.
-The track records of these charlatans have been so poor that they have turned to crypto shilling to extend their control over the masses.
-The use of fear in the alt- and patriot-media has destroyed the movement permanently.
-Crypto shilling is so easy to do that even reputable real estate news sources are being fooled by it.
-40% of American households are functionally lower class in that they cannot even afford the most basic of middle class necessities.

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May 15th Market Update – Gold and US Treasuries take out important levels; What’s next?

May 15th Market Update – Right mouse click here to download

-This morning’s strong data are repricing certain markets.
-US 10-year treasury takes out 3%. That is new yield support as treasury prices tumble. Gold falls below 1,300 on very strong dollar rally.
-Any future crisis will result from USD strength, not weakness.
-Gold is not yet ready for prime time as the consensus of the market participants is that things are OK. Gold holds up better during conditions of great uncertainty, and we are not yet there.
-the 1,300 level for gold may sound important, but other levels are more important than the psychological 1,300 price.
-My guess is that the future global economic crisis will come from the emerging markets
-With The Russell 2000 and S&P Smallcap 600 so close to their all-time highs, it’s difficult to imagine seeing any meaningful stock correction.
-Real estate should hold up fine until the 10-year hits 4%. That will put fixed-rate mortgages close to their historic 20 year norms. Get rid of underperforming real estate.
-Canadian sales and prices are slipping. The cost of building a home in Canada is growing; similar to here in the US. In overheated areas the building costs have risen tremendously. Thank you government and the people’s wishes.

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Market Update – The dollar rally resumes and the petrodollar myth; asset markets showing renewed strength; Facebook may take over the crypto sphere

May 13th Market update – Right mouse click here to download

-S&P 600 Small Cap Index puts in a new all-time high on Friday, Russell 2000 close to new all-time high. Small cap stocks and tech outperforming S&P 500 and Dow, which are more dependent on cost of capital.
-Oil rising as costs of capital rise. XOP finally showing strength as more are convinced of the longevity of oil’s price rise.
-Small spec long on S&P eminis continue to grow. They are never right in the long run. Commercial shorts remain elevated.
-Gold Commercials covered a big part of their shorts as the dollar rallied. Gold could weaken if dollar rallies further, but 1300 looks firm.
-This current monetary system works well to those who understand it. Ask the landlords, private equity firms and wealthy if this system is broken and they will likely say it is fine. Ask the broke millennials who live at home with mom if it works and they will say otherwise.
-Beware of the charlatans and shillers of gloom and doom.  If the “petrodollar” is collapsing we should be buying income-producing assets. The petrodollar cannot collapse and asset prices fall at the same time. The alt-financial press cannot have it both ways.
-Chinese real estate investors are smarter than the patriots as they know what the dollar is doing and are buying to hold with their “worthless” dollars.
-The Crypto price fade coincides with Facebook’s announcement of their entry into blockchain and cryptocurrencies. I analyzed this threat a few weeks ago. The large corporations, with their strength of users, can overtake the cryptos with convenience and practicality.
-The crypto shilling reminds me of the real estate shilling of last decade and gold and silver of the beginning of this decade.

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Who is our real enemy? A case study in deception

May 10th Show – Right mouse click here to download

Iran’s Parliament Building – A pyramid with 33 windows

-Is Iran our real enemy? Is it China or Russia? The real war is against us.
-The end time deception is coming from all angles and most who claim to be washed are the ones falling into the trap.
-Matthew 24:22-24 King James Version (KJV)
22 And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.
23 Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not.
24 For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.
-Most getting their news from the alt-sites are just as deceived as those who do not.
-Remember Jade Helm? A case study in deception.
-Logic fallacies in the patriot media revisited.
-Anyone borrowing US dollars is essentially shorting the dollar. As the dollar rises credit gets more expensive and things begin to fall apart. If you are looking for a collapse you may be right, but if you are reading the typical alt-financial press and looking at their YouTube videos you will still lose.
-Many “patriot” and alt-media sites and social media pages are traced back to Russian servers. About half of all my website spam and hack attempts come from the Russian Federation. I get about 100 hack attempts a day.
-Google and YouTube recommend alt-financial personalities and their videos that tow the propaganda of RT, Sputnik News, PressTV, etc. Obviously, something much larger is at play. Watch a YouTube video and see what is recommended. These people do not know they are wrong, but they certainly aren’t experts and most of their previous recommendations have been consistently incorrect. They do appreciate the clicks.
-Despite not having any definitive physical evidence, the UFO/alien agenda is as strong as ever.
-Anyone telling you the dollar is collapsing is either disingenuous or ignorant. Either way we need to avoid their advice and predictions.
-We do not have to have a collapse to get a new monetary system. Only the fear of a collapse can get the job done. Those screaming collapse are doing the globalists a great service.

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The countdown continues – The good news is that we still have time prepare and all that collapse talk is a diversion

May 2nd Show – Right mouse click here to download

-There is still time to prepare. I guess at least five years. Russia is not as powerful as it claims to be. The alt-right thinks Russia is more mighty than it really is currently.
-Western technology transfers prop up the Russian military and keeps it as the manufactured adversary for the upcoming global conflict that will provide the elites with the needed force majeure to reconfigure the monetary system.
-Russian media outfits propagandize Putin’s diplomatic prowess.  Is Putin the master statesman that his propaganda outfits and the alt-media make him out to be?
-Russia’s economy is a one-legged stool and is smaller than South Korea’s. Russia hardly has the capacity to maintain any long-lasting war stance. Last year, Russia’s economy was smaller than Spain’s. Russia has the bombs to destroy a country. but is too weak to do anything else.
-The drop in oil prices in 2014-2015 knocked $1 trillion off of Russia’s GDP. Western bankers sent the former Soviets a message.
-China seems to be burning all their economic bridges in the pursuit of economic growth. To the untrained eye it looks insane, but if we consider a future force majeure, it all makes sense.
-Russia and China are not yet ready to strike the west. China was concerned that Trump was going to take out North Korea, and ChiCom forced Kim Jong-Un to break out the peace pipe and delay WWIII. The new-found rapprochement is a delay tactic.
-The alt-media seems to forget that the government in China currently in power was responsible for 100 million deaths. They seem to forget that the current Russian government is just the disguised Soviet Russian regime, which was responsible for scores of millions of deaths.  They are our adversaries and would do the same to the west if given the chance.
-The elites gain nothing from collapsing the system. They would only be blamed.
-Never underestimate the elites’ ability to invent new programs to prop up their monetary system.
-Most look at the west in amazement, believing it to be collapsing. An intended result of this is to make the US and the West look weak, so that China and Russia are lured into a false sense of confidence against their future adversary.
-Most of the collapse talk in the alt-media comes from the top and has been spread by Western intelligence as well as Russian intelligence.

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