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The Fed smacked the markets as planned. What’s next?

February 10, 2018 Market Update – Right mouse click here to download

-The Fed spanked equities on purpose. The clues were there; we talked about them. Did they send in the plunge protection team late Friday afternoon?
-Large money and mainstream media are still complacent.
-The German 10-year bund yields, the benchmark for the EU is rising above multi-year resistance. If this continues the dollar may rally against the euro.
-More people are on to the Fed, so it needs to tread carefully. Shows like this one only help to uncover their modus operandi. If things collapse the Fed will get the blame.
-The dollar held up. If the dollar fell further the pain would have been much worse.
-The US 10-year note futures speculative short position is very stretched. Any positive word out of the Fed will send the dollar and 10-year higher .
-I recommend gold as an asset shield, but I do not choose gold or silver during any market sell-off. Gold and silver prices do not have a high positive correlation to market turmoil. Gold is better than silver.
-Mainstream media is blaming the VIX and other volatility-based securities and derivatives as the reason for the sharp oscillations. Is this right?
– The US Fed sent out their puppets to talk down the markets and they allowed the Dow to drop 666 points last week. This announced to their operatives that their test was a go.
-The US Fed chose an auspicious time to snap the markets. Retail participation has increased tremendously and it had been one of the most overbought markets in history.
-Low cost of capital lowers prices. More producers supply more product to the market place and the supply curve shifts out to the right. If you ever wonder why there are so many fast food places open, it’s their low cost of capital that allows them to stay open.
-The United States is a very bitcoin-friendly  nation. The Anglo-American nation states are bitcoin supportive, which conflates with my theories that bitcoin was a creation of Anglo-American intelligence. This is why Russia and China are clamping down hard on the cryptos.
-Beware of the crypto shilling. It was just like the gold shilling earlier this decade.
-The Russian firm, Kaspersky Labs, claims that Bitcoin was created by US intelligence as a “dollar 2.0”
-Based on my research, bitcoin is a grand experiment and it should have a good future.

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Are we about to crack? The genesis of these asset bubbles go back a long way.

February 8, 2018 Show – Right mouse click here to download

-The policies and precedents that started the equity and real estate bubbles go back almost 40 years.
-A recap of Bushonomics and its legacy. Peacetime deficit spending generates Treasuries that can be used for collateral. It creates asset inflation.
-The US government and USFed work to create asset inflation; it’s an open conspiracy.
-Defined contribution plans were established in 1981, the last year the Dow was at 1,000.  This created a permanent upward repricing of equities. Trump’s tax legislation pumps equities.
-The Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 drastically changed the tax code for residential real estate. It was phased in during 1998. Notice how house prices took off that year and never looked back.
-Every time the government subsidizes an industry (e.g. Education, medical, housing) the benefits are arbitraged into the market and only result in higher permanent repricing.
-Dow has the largest on day drop. Was it by chance? The Dow drops by 666 on Friday.
-Janet Yellen questions bubbles. Greenspan says the markets are all in bubbles. Mnuchin flip flops on the dollar.
-The confirmation bias and backfire effect are lethal in trading and investing. We need to remain objetive.
-The gamblers fallacy is another lethal error. Many people over the past week have lost big in the market turmoil. They fell victim to the gamblers fallacy.

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Look for the clues to understand what our adversaries are planning

February 3, 2018 Update – Right mouse click here to download

-Look at the numerology in the markets to see the globalist calling cards. The March 2009 (3/6/2009) low in the S&P 500 was 666. Yesterday’s drop in the Dow Jones was 666 (665.75).
-Another clue… Yellen’s last action on the job was to severely penalize Wells Fargo. This problem had been brewing for over a year, but the USFed chose to act yesterday.
-Yesterday was Yellen’s last day on the job. Powell will be the Fed Chair during this manufactured crisis. Yesterday’s stock drop was not a coincidence.
-The USFed desperately needs to institute another round of QE. The globalists have to manufacture another crisis to get this objective met.
-The USFed is in charge of policing the banks in the banking system. It could have easily forced the banks and broker/dealers last decade to discontinue underwriting all those exotic mortgages, but it chose to do nothing. In fact, before last decade’s RE collapse, Bernanke and Greenspan both said that these loans were not severely impacting the RE market.
-30-year mortgage rates are now at 4.5%. This has already begun to unwind real estate. The data and numbers just haven’t shown it yet.
-Naomi Prins writes an article that has received a lot of traction in the alt-media. The problem is that she redirects the reader to focus on the stuffed shirts and the “men of Trump.” She says that Trump now owns the Fed. Obviously, the owners of the Fed own Trump.
-Trump will get the blame. Naomi Prins will look prescient, although she got it wrong. Notice that Prins appears on Russia Today (RT), the globalist-controlled Tokyo Rose of alt-media. She is the perfect useful dummy for the globalists.
-Oil and metals are rising, but the shares of the prospectors and miners are falling. Their cost of capital and input costs are rising as well.
-I still stand by my research behind bitcoin. If bitcoin never had its blow-off top and prices were currently at this level we would all be talking about bitcoin as the wave of the future. I still think it has a strong future.
-The people shorting bitcoin are most likely miners. It costs, on average, $6,000 to mine a bitcoin. If I were a miner of size I would short on price rises and arbitrage for risk-free profit.
-If I were a venture capitalist and had $100 million to invest in blockchain, I would not buy $100 million in crypto. I would start my own pump-and-dump altcoin.

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Globalist trash-talk and USFed policy are undermining the confidence in the US dollar and US Treasuries

February 1, 2018 Show – Right mouse click here to download

-The table is being set. Last week, Bonesman, Steve Mnuchin, welcomed a weaker dollar. Every time he opens his mouth he damns it with faint praise.
-Today, Alan Greenspan says the stock and bond markets are bubbles. He says bonds are more concerning than stocks. I agree.
-Will the USFed cause the next real estate downturn?
-As long as the central banks are on the bid buying stocks they should continue to levitate. But, are they up to something? Will it last?
-According to game theory, it is easier navigating the financial markets when we know our adversaries. The USFed and the globalists, who control the media, are working against us and the nation-state. If we know their modus operandi and understand their objectives, we can invest successfully.
-Their goal is to appear as our heroes; providing solutions to the problems they cause.
-The controlled press like Bloomberg and CNBC are saying the USFed policies will strengthen the dollar. I say the opposite. They are all working to fool us and to create the upcoming manufactured crisis.
-As always and by definition, most will be on the wrong side of the equation and will lose a lot of money.
-The Trump regime will get the blame.

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Steven Mnuchin is trying to fix ‘the first serious economic misstep by the Trump administration’


A melting US dollar will be the catalyst for the next rinse and repeat cycle.

January 28, 2018 Update – Right mouse click here to download

-A detailed analysis of what I think will be the catalyst for the next financial crisis.
-Trump will most likely get the blame and the crisis will occur during his presidency. He will be the fall guy for the fallout from the depreciating dollar.
-I base this on the behavior of the parties involved [The US Fed and US Treasury Secretary (and Skull & Bonesman), Steve Mnuchin]
-Cryptocurrencies may continue to move higher, but the amateurish and disingenuous actions of the crypto gurus are leaving a bad taste in the institutional investor’s mouth.
-Be aware of the crypto shilling. It is similar to the gold shilling, except it is not as sophisticated.

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US Treasury Secretary and Skull & Bonesman, Steve Mnuchin, following script to blow up US dollar and US bonds

January 26, 2018 Update – Right mouse click here to download

-Skull & Bones member and US Treasury Secretary, Steve Mnuchin, “stuck” his foot in his mouth by saying he desired a weaker dollar. He tried to back track a day later, but only looked more foolish.
-We discussed this already; this is the last thing the US needs, as all the other major central banks are executing QE programs.
-The raising of short-term rates in the US has been dollar destructive. He knows this and is only helping to fan the flames.
-Mnuchin is following the well-planned script to set up the next financial catastrophe. Add him to the lengthening list of the cast of characters who will help cause the next financial crisis.
-I know this script can seem convoluted and complex, but the trends seem to be establishing themselves more and more everyday.
-Mnuchin graduated from Yale University in 1985 with a bachelor’s degree. At Yale, Mnuchin was publisher of the Yale Daily News, and was also initiated into Skull and Bones in 1985.

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The US Fed is being willfully ignorant; we are being set up… again

January 24, 2018 Show – Right mouse click here to download

-The USFed and other central banks got us to this point with all the QE and bond buying. Now they are “forgetting” all they did and are withdrawing the IV-drip
-An in-depth analysis and commentary of how the US Fed is setting up the financial system for the next “catastrophe”
-Any shocks will, of course, be manufactured. Unfortunately, it will all be very real to you and me.

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Market Update – What will the USFed do going forward? QE4 is needed, but how will it happen?

January 21, 2018 Update – Right mouse click here to download

-Armstrong is wrong in saying the Chinese and Japanese are manipulating the dollar to please Trump.
-The Chinese and Japanese are selling Treasuries, because they are afraid of further losses. The USFed is raising rates, which have ironically hurt the dollar, because these higher rates are hurting the longer-dated Treasuries. It’s a self-feeding loop.
-The USFed will have to institute some sort of new QE program. USTreasury net issuance is set to double this year and there is not enough global demand to soak up all the new sovereign debt.
-Higher mortgage rates are beginning to impact home purchases.
-Don’t look for rental rates to drop. They will continue to rise as government intervention only makes rents increase. Real estate investors benefit the most from any government program designed to help the working-class renter.
-The Obama regime worked to obtain federal backing for private equity landlord debt. Both sides of the aisle are working against the common folk.
-With asset prices as high as they are getting out of debt, including mortgages, is the best course of action.
-Has gold topped out or will it go higher? I see more of the same.
-If you think the CBOE Bitcoin futures created increased volatility just wait until the CME futures expire this week.
-Kaspersky Co-founder says bitcoin is USD 2.0 and that it was created by US intelligence

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Crypto Update – Are we bullish on cryptocurrencies or the blockchain technology?

January 17, Update – Right mouse click here to download

-Is this it for the cryptos?
-Being bullish on the blockchain technology does not mean being bullish on cryptocurrencies. Many busted out tech companies from the late 90’s provided the groundwork for building up the internet.
-This correction is different than previous ones as the composition of investors and traders are different. The crypto traders and investors are still wildly bullish.
-The futures market has completely changed the cryptos. Without futures contracts bitcoin could still be making all-time highs.
-The first futures contract expires today.
-I have noticed over the past couple months that the large multinational corporations and banks have been building up their blockchain patent portfolios and not including any conversation with the cryptocurrencies.
-Did the globalists allow the cryptos to run up, so they could get the computer programmers fascinated with the blockchain technology?

Truth and Morality; Is Everything Relative? 

January 11, 2017 Show – Right mouse click here to download

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Moral relativism
John 18:38
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Important Cryptocurrency Update – Successfully trading against some of the dumbest money I have ever seen

January 8, 2017 Update – Right mouse click here to download

-The cryptocurrency market continues to explode. The total market cap will go much higher; at least 2.5 times higher.
-Analysis of an excellent trading article from
-In my 25+ years of trading I have never seen a dumber bunch of people than those trading cryptocurrencies.
-During the Christmas holiday I was able to buy two bitcoin on Kraken for $1,000 less each than on Coinbase.
-Use charts to show extremes. Scale in and out as others do the opposite.
-Don’t get caught up in the cult of personality. These Tweet-stormers have an agenda and are disingenuous.
-Trading around core positions can allow you to benefit from the explosive rise while keeping the downside volatility in check. This requires 24-hour trading, but the benefits are well worth the effort.

Link to article discussed-
Weathering the Altcoin Storm (And Investing for the Next)


Economics 101 – Socialism cannot work (it is not supposed to either); Manufactured division

January 3, 2018 Show – Right mouse click here to download

-An economic and psychological argument for why the concept of socialism doesn’t work and that the end goal is to bankrupt a nation
-Only a morally compromised population will accept the underlying tenants of Socialism
-Socialized medicine in the US was not possible 20 years ago.
-Manufactured division
-Is Pike’s letter to Mazzini, which called for three world wars, a fraud? It doesn’t matter as it is coming to pass

The year in review and the trends going into 2018

December 28, 2017 Show – Right mouse click here to download

-A review of the past year in finance and economics and how my understanding of the globalist agenda assists in enhancing my accuracy.
-An analysis of past investment opportunities and how I spot them.
-What I see going into 2018.
-The current trends have been long in the making

The global think tanks have had their way; Ordo ab chao rules the day

December 14, 2017 Show  (A re-edited version of the shortwave show) – Right mouse click here to download

-Nothing comes about by chance; Plato said that everything in society must come from the top. This includes bitcoin.
-Ordo ab chao. The timeline is well scripted (at least to me).
-All this chaos in the economy and monetary system is all planned in advance. The best we can do is profit. However, we need to learn the agenda, so that we can relay it to others willing to listen.
-Russell and the Frankfort School
-All the organs of government, working with the central banks and think tanks, are working to put the capstone on the all-seeing eye.
-The Department of Defense is working to submerge the US into the New World Order. Ironically, they are working to destroy our sovereignty. So, don’t join the military if you support the concept of the nation-state and despise global government.

Thanks to the “World Wide Wiretap” the Globalists Are Quickly Getting their New Economic Order in Place

December 6, 2017 Show – Right mouse click here to download

-As far back as 1997 the US Treasury and the USFed were discussing ways to ensure the US Treasury market would remain intact and that interest rates would continue to fall. Two of the ideas were implemented.
-The globalists are accelerating the implementation of the New Economic Order, not because we are waking up, but because of what they have learned about us from our internet usage.
-Social Media was formulated to eviscerate the need of circumventing the fourth amendment.
-The New Economic Order is coming into focus. It will be based on blockchain. The USD is collapsing, but the disinformation agents and gold promoters got it “wrong” again. These controlled shills (like the key patriot show personalities with their disinformation economic analysts) made sure their listeners would once again be on the wrong end.
-Another lost opportunity for the patriots to make money.
-Bitcoin is quickly becoming the premiere global reserve currency. Only 1/2 of 1% of the population owns bitcoin, so most will only be a slave to its technology. Its price rise was so rapid that most will never own it, they will transact in it only.
-Alan Watt discusses how the New Economic Order is being quickly put together and that it was based on the work of people who are long dead.
-I pray to Jesus a couple times a day; specifically to help me understand the world better.

Staying focused – It’s a New Economic Order; Without control of the economy nothing else is possible

December 3, 2017 Update – Right mouse click here to download

-Zbigniew Brzezinski (1969): “[The] nation state as a fundamental unit of man’s organized life has ceased to be the principal creative force. International banks and multinational corporations are acting and planning in terms that are far in advance of the political concepts of the nation state.”
-It is a New Economic Order, because without control of the economy and monetary system nothing else is possible
-My theories about gold and silver on from 2012-13 seem valid today. The globalists allowed gold and silver to move up to unsustainable heights from a low base, so that when QE went into high gear they could cap their prices and control them from a higher level.
-Commentary on the latest World Affairs Brief with a PDF download of the latest edition

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The central banks will be replaced; but how?

November 29, 2017 Show –Right mouse click here to download

The dollar will collapse, but not by how most envision it.

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Ted Broer – Trump IS The Swamp

Don’t count out the US; is the “Death Star” and Facebook was designed to be addictive

November 18, 2017 Update – Right mouse click here to download

-Quick comments about gold and silver. I like what I see. Continue buying on dips.
-The US is the fourth largest country in land area, but number one with livable land.
-The US is by far the world’s largest oil and gas producer. This disparity with the rest of the world continues to grow. Disregard the FUD you hear about a collapsing petrodollar.
-The US used to be the beacon of hope to the rest of the world with its alt- and patriot-media. Since the US still has freedom of speech, the globalists have taken over and destroyed this media from within. All done by design. We know the names of the shill change agents.
-John Malone of Liberty Media; Amazon is the “death star.”
-Facebook was and is designed to be addictive. The social media site is a “social-validation feedback loop” and that the algorithm subconsciously exploits psychological vulnerabilities.
-When a Facebook user receives a like or a comment on a post, the user experiences a “little dopamine hit,” which encourages them to want to post again.

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John Malone says Amazon is a ‘Death Star’ moving in ‘striking range of every industry on the planet’
Sean Parker admits Facebook was created to be addictive

Some analysis and answers to listener emails 

November 15, 2017 Show – Right mouse click here to download

-The Creature from Jekyll Island was promoted by the banking families as a disruptive force. It received and continues to receive favorable financing terms going back to the late 90’s
-Jeff Bezos is a compliant NWO puppet, who owes his success to cheap financing.
-As long as Amazon grows their retail business they will make money, even though they lost almost $1 billion last year selling stuff on their site. Retail is a loss leader for them. It’s impossible to compete with a company that views a business as a loss leader.
-Understanding the Agenda to enslave humanity can be profitable.

The New World Order and the Changes Since 1971; Good Luck Turning This Around

November 9, 2017 Show – Right mouse click here to download

-How did Orwell know that the world would be divided into three semi-autonomous regions? He obviously knew that China would be much larger in the future.
-Kissinger’s secret visit to China in 1971 helped form the current state of Sino-American affairs, and was the first step of the New World Order’s next phase toward global government.
-China was promised massive economic growth and technology transfers if they worked with the banking families.
-In 1971, the banking families and globalists formally chose the United States dollar as the reserve currency.
-In 1971, the same internationalists formally chose China as the manufacturing base of the New World Order.
-In 1971, The Nixon regime shut the gold window to international payments; making the dollar totally fiat. This was a necessary prerequisite.
-By the mid to late 70s, the US began to offshore manufacturing and rely on imports more than any other time previously. China benefited more than any other nation.
-In order for the US dollar to become the world’s reserve currency, massive trade, budget, and capital deficits were needed. This would allow the US to supply the world with the necessary dollars.
-As dollar printing cranked up exponentially, deflationary forces were needed to keep inflation in check. America exported inflation and imported deflation. Deflation was America’s most vital import.
-We cannot turnaround a trend that has been in the making for almost 50 years.

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A talk of the markets and how I am trading bitcoin and the cryptocurrencies; Further gaslighting analysis

November 5, 2017 Update – Right mouse click here to download

-A talk of gold, oil, the USDX, bonds, and stocks and how I trade futures
-My cryptocurrency portfolio has grown from 2.5% of my net worth to 5%. I have not added a dime in new money.
-Thank you bitcoin. I am glad I performed my own independent analysis. I am more sure in my trading.
-A discussion of bitcoin and the alt-coins. The disparity will widen until the hardfork.
-How to trade and invest in a market that is repricing
-My ongoing approach to bitcoin and how I am positioning myself for the upcoming moves in the cryptocurrencies
-The globalists will do away with the central banks and their answer will be the decentralized cryptocurrency platform
-The naive libertarian bitcoin promoters are pumping decentralized blockchain to the unwashed as the answer to our the fractional-reserve slavery. Recall that Dimon, Fink, and Buffett are shills in the contrived debate. It’s a fix and the next step of our slavery is in sight.
-The sobering results of gaslighting. How we are being gaslighted into a single-payer health care system. This was done by design and was the intent all along.

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Americans Are Retiring Later, Dying Sooner and Sicker In-Between


The Gaslighting of America; The New World Order’s Primary Weapon Against Humanity

November 1, 2017 Show – Right click here to download

-The concept of Gaslighting. What it is and how it is employed on the masses.
-Examples of how the globalists are gaslighting us.
-Political gaslighting.
-How to overcome gaslighting. How not to become its victim
-1984 was the “Rosetta Stone” for understanding the mind manipulation techniques of the globalists.
-Orwell wrote about the Newspeak Dictionary. He understood that victims of tyranny were not to have a developed vocabulary.
-Even intelligent people can be conned by gaslighting if they are not aware of the concept of gaslighting.

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Backfire effect
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Market update with some recommendations; Why was the Cloward-Piven strategy promoted? Was the Stanford Prison Experiment a failure?

October 29th Update – Right mouse click here to download

-Gold and Silver update with trading thoughts
-Oil Looking bullish, but I trade a short of sharp rallies
-Dollar well supported here above 93. A test of 96-97?
-Hedge funds entering the cryptocurrency market en masse. Bitcoin volatility is lessening as we go on. Large money buying on any dips. The large money sees what I have been saying for months.
-I see a potential wash out of many alt-coins as bitcoin consolidates and grows its user base. Will there only be a small number left standing? I think so. The chart action says so. If the chart action of many of these altcoins were stocks I would say many are finished. There are hundreds of new scam altcoins entering the market place.
-Cloward-Piven strategy. Has it been successful? Why was it promoted so heavily?
-The Stanford Prison Experiment. Soon after its “failure” we saw the formation of SWAT teams nationwide. We were no longer citizens, we became civilians. Its results were employed in the formation of national goon squads with the wars on everything during the implementation of Bushonomics in the early 80’s.
-Tom Bearden wrote “Oblivion” and “Energy from the Vacuum.” Anthony Craddock was the producer of his videos.

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SWAT Teams



The numbers in the financial alt-media don’t add up. They never have and never will.

October 26th Show – Right mouse click here to download

-Corporations double-dip; they give us the diseases and provide us the “cures.”
-The US dollar continues to be well supported and the USD’s status as the reserve currency is still intact.
-The USD status has less to do with the US’s profligate ways and more to do with BRIC-nation inefficiencies. Their markets are too crude, corrupt, and centrally managed to topple the dollar.
-Just because we hate the US Fed does not mean we should be looking to other nations to unshackle us from it’s control.
-War is the only way out of the dollar hegemony, because the US will not cede its USD reserve status voluntarily. Nor can it.
-Has listening to the alt-media financial gurus and trend forecasters made you any money? Independent research is the key to success. They have been wrong about the dollar for over a decade and will be wrong about how it is done away with.
-Panic buying of gold was not covered in goldbug media.

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Companies Double-Dip by Providing Treatments for Diseases Caused by Their Products
The real BRICS bombshell

Market Analysis and Recommendations; China’s asset markets are a one-legged stool, my thoughts on economic theory, and the economists that get promoted

October 22, 2017 Market update – Right mouse click here to download

-Gold and oil analysis and some recommendations
-Dollar well supported here could test some resistance
-Chinese real estate sector; huge official intervention keeping real estate prices and sales elevated.
-US – real estate is 28% of household net worth; China – 75% of household net worth. Although asset prices are inflated, the US has a diverse asset base
-Millennial banking families chose ChiCom gov’t over Chiang Kai-shek. In return they would set up a private central bank and move away from gold. The path is not reversible.
-Anyone following the alt-media financial/economics gurus have been on the losing end. Done by design.
-I do not follow any economist or financial analyst per se, but will take an interest in anyone who has a long-term track record of success. I do my own research and make my own conclusions.
-Economic theory and economists going back to Adam Smith were and are developed and promoted by the banking families. Adam Smith’s theory helped to undo national sovereignty.

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Chiang Kai-shek
Adam Smith

Some important thoughts for the listeners about gold, bitcoin, the yuan, US dollar; and the disinfo shills that mislead the people into further poverty

October 18, 2017 Show – Right mouse click here to download

Ask yourself; If there are collapse talkers that get promoted on the mainstream and alt-media, who have been wrong for over a decade why do the alt-media followers continue to listen? I know why. Final shortwave show.

Listen to the entire podcast. Perhaps you can learn something.

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Market Update – Some of the best trading opportunities since the late 90’s

October 14, 2017 Update – Right mouse click here to download

  • Gold Update
  • Cryptocurrency trading and some thoughts about how to trade going forward as the upcoming potential bitcoin hardfork comes closer.
  • I am bullish on bitcoin; not because of what the libertarians and sound money people are saying. I am bullish, because it is an officially sponsored asset, developed and promoted by dark intelligence. Bitcoin is the prototype NWO currency.
  • The NWO shills are bashing Bitcoin and provide the Hegelian, false opposition needed to propel it higher. The best option to those who really oppose it is not to say anything and not discuss it in the press.
  • Look at the sound money advocates fleeing gold and moving into bitcoin and the alt-coins.
  • Bonds are well supported as economic data shows inflation is muted. Short term rates may not move up as much as some think.
  • I have not seen a better time to trade small cap stocks since the late 90’s
  • Some ideas on where to concentrate stock trading
  • Beware of the perma-bears in asset markets. These real estate bears have been bearish since last decade and all throughout the market bottom.

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10-Year Treasury Constant Maturity Minus 3-Month Treasury Constant Maturity

The Attention Economy; Social Media, Internet, and Smartphones Distract Humanity Into Perpetual Poverty

October 11, 2017 Show – Right mouse click here to download

  • Ever wonder why the asset market boom/bust cycles are increasing in frequency and amplitude?
  • The companies that make up the Attention Economy are intentionally creating a “smartphone dystopia.”
  • The average person touches his/her cellphone 2,617 times a day.
  • Twitter, Facebook, Google, Snapchat, etc. have created algorithms that addict us to their media.
  • The gatekeepers of this Attention Economy have distracted us into submission. They have effectively lowered our IQs and cognitive capacity, and diminished our ability of independent and analytical thought.
  • Can democracy survive the concentration of wealth and power that the Attention Economy engenders?
  • Most patriots and alt-media junkies are part of the hive-mind. They have lost their ability of analytical, independent thought. That’s why they make poor financial and investment decisions.
  • Don’t blame the US Fed and the private banking families for making us poorer. We are to blame as they only do what they can get away with. Obviously, humanity lets them get away with a wholesale rape of society. We are too distracted and cognitively compromised to respond. Most people are too busy and distracted to even contemplate why they are in debt. We are too busy reading emails, texting, Facebooking, and tweeting.
  • Ask State Farm if multitasking is a good thing.
  • Now that we are addicted to the Attention Economy, with their drug-dealing CEOs and gatekeepers, the march to perpetual poverty can accelerate.

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Market Update; The Global Leveraged Buyout Continues as Investors Become More Optimistic

October 7, 2017 Update – Right mouse click here to download

-As crazy as it may seem, investors and manufacturers are the most bullish in years. Manufacturers are the most optimistic in 20 years.
-Gold Update with predictions. Gold dealers I work with are trading cryptocurrencies.
-Stocks rise with the central banks on the bid. It will continue
-Many in the alt-media can’t wait for markets to collapse. Good luck on that.
-Oil Update with predictions and analysis
-Don’t be caught up in the petrodollar trash talk
-Too many people are bearish on real estate. However billions of dollars every month pour in to the market from private equity and foreigners. The goal is to make us debt slaves. It is working.
-Most in the alt-media do not like to hear my economic and financial market analysis. It is at odds with the controlled alt-media parrots. They only like to talk about $10,000 gold and economic collapse. Their followers continue to get poorer. When the economy turns down again they will lose as well.
-Don’t talk to me about your opinions. My findings are based on observations and 33 years of economic study. I worked in economic research on Wall Street. I don’t make my decisions based on other people’s commentary. It’s mostly garbage. I only talk about things I understand.

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China Prepares – Why War is the Only Solution to Getting Rid of their Dollar Problem

October 4, 2017 Show – Right mouse click here to download

-Military defeat/costs of war are the only ways for a currency to lose its reserve status
-The latest yuan-to-gold hedge for oil producers is not practical and does not work. The ChiCom government and their opaque policies are to blame. This latest scheme does not imply any gold backing to the yuan.
-China probably could possess up to 20,000 tons of gold, but that does not imply any gold backing to the yuan. The ChiCom government will pull out their gold holdings when the new one-world currency is discussed post-war.
-Disinfo articles by the gold promoters/dollar haters explained
-The yuan is an officially managed currency that only works in domestic markets. Their economic data are suspect. China’s financial market decisions are often arbitrary and not straightforward. Just look at their decision to close down bitcoin exchanges.
-The yuan is illiquid, especially on international markets. There is not way for producers to properly hedge currency risk. Producers do not want gold for payment. ChiCom knows this.
-Triffin Paradox explained and why the US dollar can not be replaced under current circumstances
-Why the euro is a poorly constructed currency
-In the wake of the upcoming planned defeat of the US, the dollar bashers will wish the dollar was still the reserve currency as ChiCom will brutally repress dissension. Their gold will not be worth what they are claiming – that’s if they will be allowed to own it.

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